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The Nashville Tennessee appeal lawyers of Brownstone Law are a dedicated appeals law firm in Nashville that works exclusively with criminal and civil appeals cases. We are experienced in appellate court cases.  Our Nashville Tennessee appeal lawyers have the knowledge necessary to navigate the appeals process, which can be much more complex than your average trial court case. Our Nashville Appeal Lawyers are highly experienced and have argued hundreds of cases in front of state and federal courts in Tennessee. Our Nashville Appeal Lawyers are very competent legal researchers and writers, who frequently file appellate briefs and argue competently during the oral component of appeals proceedings. Call us at (615) 259-1910.

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We handle both civil and criminal appeals in Nashville Tennessee. Brownstone is one of the most experienced appellate law firms for cases in Nashville. Our outstanding appellate lawyers provide vigilant advocacy for clients in both civil and criminal cases. We know that the strength of your appeal, commutation, or sentence reduction rests upon a meticulously prepared presentation of your case. Our highly experienced attorney is well versed at developing and presenting persuasive briefs and steadfast oral arguments on the behalf of our clients. Connect back to our Tennessee appeal page.

Criminal Appeal Attorneys in Nashville Tennessee

When it comes to working with criminal appeal proceedings in Nashville, we can work with convicted offenders who are seeking federal clemency or pardon.  We also handle appeals to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and federal appeals.  There are some fine distinctions in the terminology here. Pardon is the removal of all punishment and the restoration of full civil rights, such as voting, sitting as a juror or owning a gun. Commutation is the reduction of a sentence and remission is the reduction of a fine. Amnesties are group pardons that excuse a large group of people who committed the same crime. Finally, reprieve is the delaying of a punishment, particularly used to postpone an execution.

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A criminal conviction can be overturned in an appeal and a sentence can be reduced at any time after an offense is committed, but it is usually granted after an individual has finished serving their sentence and has remained in the community with good behavior for a period of time. Commutations are, of course, typically granted while the person is still serving their sentence. It is important to note that commutations do not provide for the return of civil rights. Both pardons and commutations may include requirements of certain kinds of good behavior, no drug use, for example, in order for them to remain valid. Filing for pardon, often also called clemency, or for a movement like commutation, should be done with a professional in appeals law. Our Nashville appeal lawyer is the kind of specialists that you need in such cases.  The Supreme Court of Tennessee is located in Nashville.  The Tennessee Supreme Court is located at 401 7th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219.

Nashville Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Contact us today for your free consultation. The Brownstone Law Firm is a client-centered firm that knows that we only succeed when you succeed. We combine a pride in what we do with a passion for law to accomplish considerable gains in justice for our clients.

If you are currently a defendant in a criminal case or prison inmate in Tennessee seeking to vacate a previous conviction, we can help. The Brownstone appeals law firm maintains a successful reputation of utmost integrity, ingenuity, and professionalism.

Appeals in Nashville Tennessee

Family law appeals are a significant field of law as it governs the most basic unit of society. The importance of this field of law is evident in the framework of the Nashville courts which have a Family Appellate Practice Division. This appellate department in Nashville Tennessee is further divided into family-related cases that may include domestic violence, divorce, juvenile delinquency, adoption, custody, foster-care placements, visitation and termination of parental rights. We understand the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure and how they apply to the appellate process in Tennessee.  Brownstone’s Nashville appeals attorneys are ready and willing to assist the clients with every legal question they might have. For lawyers to effectively handle cases involving family relations, there is a need to possess knowledge not just of substantive rights of parties but also of jurisdictional guidelines, ensuring the case will not be dismissed for having been erroneously filed.

appeal attorneys in Nashville Tennessee

Because the field is relatively diverse, lawyers handling appeals cases should know how to interconnect relationships between and among different legal issues. To give an example, a divorce case would definitely have an impact on another case such as a case on child custody and support.

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Our years of successfully handling cases in Nashville gives us the experience needed to be successful in the appellate law game.

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Brownstone’s Nashville appeal lawyers have the experience and means necessary to provide our clients in Nashville, Tennessee with post-conviction relief motions and petitions. When you are convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal or challenge both the conviction and sentence. Our Nashville appeal lawyers and law firm will fight for you on a habeas motion or motion for post-conviction relief in Tennessee. Call our Nashville appeal lawyers today at (615) 259-1910.

Brownstone Law is an appellate law firm that also specializes in civil, criminal and nationwide appeals. Our law firm is comprised of a team of appeals lawyers who are qualified to represent you in the court of law in Nashville. Our attorney’s range from criminal appeals lawyers, Nashville criminal defense appeals lawyers, and competitive appeal attorneys.

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