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Appeals Attorneys in Corpus Christi Texas

The wide range of cases that our attorney can handle makes us a solid choice for your Texas appeal attorney. Brownstone has petitioned the Supreme Court for writs of certiorari, motions for post-conviction relief, pardons, clemency, 11.07 habeas corpus in Texas, motion to reduce sentence and motions to withdraw plea.

Our Texas appeals attorneys in Corpus Christi handle civil and criminal appeals in Texas.

Contact our Texas appeals attorneys to review your case at 888-233-8895.  We have also appealed many Texas Supreme Court appeals cases involving drug trafficking, tax evasion, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, business litigation and federal deportations. In order to maximize the probability of a positive outcome from the Texas appeal process, we often team with our clients’ trial counsel. Compared to traditional trial litigation, appeals can be much more complex than the original trial, which is why it is important to ensure you have the best legal representation possible. Most appeals start in Nueces County and proceed to the Texas Courts of Appeal.  Return to our appeal lawyers in Texas page to learn more about our appellate litigation in Texas.

Contact our Corpus Christi Appellate Lawyers today so we can begin reviewing your case. We will then determine what options you have available to you in order to create a strong argument to present in the court of law. Call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your free initial consultation with the expert Corpus Christi appellate lawyer at Brownstone Law.

Corpus Christi Criminal Appeal Attorney

Litigating appeals is different in that it requires a deep understanding of the law in your area. As it can be somewhat maze-like, criminal appellate law firms, like Brownstone, are here to provide you with a lawyer with the intellectual strength and keen eyesight required to give you a victory in the appeals process. Let us review your situation and we will show you exactly how we will be able to put together a clear-cut case that no judge will be able to deny.

Appeals Attorneys in Corpus Christi Texas

There is a specific list of procedures that one needs to follow when bringing their case to appellate court. Once your case is filed, the court reviews all the evidence and processes that happened when you initially took it to trial.

In matters involving a lawsuit in Corpus Christi, the option always involves getting a good lawyer or possibly suffer an unfavorable decision. This is especially true if you are one intending to pursue his or her rights to files for Appeals. Any decision rendered not in your favor may be subject to the jurisdiction of the appellate court; but only if you have the assistance of an appeals lawyer. As suits involve questions of law, apart from the questions in fact determinable by you; you require the knowledge and expertise of an appeal attorney. This is true whether you are pursuing civil appeals, criminal appeals, nationwide appeals, or any other kind of appeal. Our law firm also supports federal appeals in Texas. Contact the Nueces County Clerk of Court in Corpus Christi to learn more about the criminal and civil appeal dockets.

Corpus Christi Appellate Law Firm

The Corpus Christi , Texas firm of Brownstone, P.A. handles federal appellate cases, both criminal and civil. Our Corpus Christi Texas appeal lawyer is a professional with extensive experience filing appellate briefs and preparing cases for hearing. Our federal appellate law firm in Texas also handles federal mail and wire fraud criminal appeals in the Fifth Circuit. The laws surrounding appeals can be significantly more complex than those surrounding standard trial cases, so it is important to seek out a specialist in this area if you are appealing a civil or criminal case. Contact our Texas Federal appeal lawyer today at (888) 233-8895.

Experienced Federal Appellate Litigation in Corpus Christi Texas

In some cases, rather than a standard appeal, our Corpus Christi  Texas appeal attorney may encounter clients seeking commutations, or reductions, in sentencing. A commutation is either a reduction from a set amount of time to time served (e.g. 10 years reduced to time served), or from a period of time to a smaller period of time (e.g. 10 years to five years, from death to life imprisonment, or from life without parole to life with the possibility of parole). In federal cases, only the President may issue a commutation. Congress and the federal courts to do not share any responsibility and they cannot regulate to whom the President issues commutations.  Federal appeals in Corpus Christi Texas proceed from the US District Court in Corpus Christi Texas to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States.

The firm’s appellate lawyers in Texas are former law clerks, law firm partners, prosecutors, and have handled hundreds of appeals in Texas and across the nation. We provide the knowledge and skills necessary on any type of Texas appeal to present quality work for each of our clients in Texas. It is our goal to provide clients with an opportunity to win at the Texas appellate court level and will fight for your rights to justice following a decision made on your case.

Brownstone Law devotes all of its efforts to appellate litigation in Texas and before Corpus Christi appellate courts to help maximize your chances of winning the argument on appeal. Our Texas appeals attorneys work diligently to gather the necessary documents and facts that matter in the appellate courts to create a compelling argument. We handle a variety of appeals in every area of law including criminal defense, environmental, white collar crime, immigration, drug appeals, DUI appeals, medical fraud, post-conviction relief, family law, medical marijuana and much more.

Contact our appeals attorneys in Corpus Christi Texas today to review your case and to determine the options that are available regarding your situation. Call us today at 888-233-8895 to schedule a consultation.

If the conviction is in the Texas criminal courts, then commutations or Texas sentence reductions can occur in one of three ways: commutations may be issued solely by the governor; commutations or motions to reduce sentence in Texas may be issues solely by an executive clemency board without the involvement of the governor; or commutations may be issued by both the governor and such a board (i.e. the board reviews cases over which the governor may have final say). If you wish to file a petition for a commutation of your sentence, it is important that you contact a Seattle appeals attorney who understands the particular complexities of such cases. (888) 233-8895.

Connect with the federal district court in Corpus Christi Texas for federal appeals to the Fifth Circuit.

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