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Plano Texas Appeal Lawyers

Plano Appeal Attorneys

Appeals are the first step to challenging a wrongful criminal case and conviction in Plano, Texas. After an appeal, a client may also file a post-conviction relief motion. The petition for habeas corpus or post-conviction motion is a second opportunity to overturn a criminal case in Texas. Contact our Appeal Attorneys Plano Texas at 888-233-8895

Connect with the appeals lawyers at our Plano Texas appellate law firm to review your case 888-233-8895.

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni appeal lawyers protects the rights of defendants across the state of Texas and in every federal appeal court in the United States.

In Plano, post-conviction remedies give people convicted of crime a new chance or second opportunity to get relief from their conviction. Most motions are filed within 2 years of the sentence or the direct appeal. Sometimes our Texas criminal defense law firm will file a habeas motion or post-conviction after their conviction has been affirmed on appeal.

In Plano Texas, most post-conviction motions in Texas are based on ineffective assistance of counsel. The defendant may claim that their trial attorney or criminal defense lawyer failed a duty to the client and the client was prejudiced by it. Under Texas law most post-convictions cannot be filed until the direct appeal is complete. There is a two-year time period for filing a 11.07 motion in Texas. You can contact our Plano appeal attorneys and a post-conviction attorney to review the merits of your case and filing deadlines.  Our law firm is led by Texas appellate attorney Robert Sirianni.

Plano Texas Criminal Appeal Attorneys

In as much as the welfare of the public should be taken in consideration when deciding drug trafficking cases, there are also rights of the defendants that should be protected. The defendants cannot just be prosecuted and convicted for offenses that have not been proven beyond reasonable doubt. The lawyers at our firm are good at pointing the possible defenses to win drug trafficking appeals. Included in the defenses that can be pleaded and substantiated with evidence are lack of knowledge, mistake of fact, duress, and lack of intent to be taken for human consumption. In drug trafficking appeals with the mentioned defenses the defendant should be acquitted. Our attorneys also practice in Laredo, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Waco, Arlington, Brownsville, Lubbock, and Amarillo. Return to our Texas appellate law firm page.

Appeal Lawyers in Plano Texas

We represent our clients in Plano, Texas federal appeal cases both at the Texas Civil Court as well as the Texas Criminal Court. Our group of Plano appeal attorneys are one of a kind. Our job is to service clients nationally and is central to our appellate success. Our Plano appeal attorneys work on challenging cases. We have experience in appealing complex cases. Regardless of the issue at stake we develop strategies that help us take on every aspect of Law and eventually win the case.

We represent clients at the Texas federal appellate lawyer. Our firm in Plano Texas will brief the issues after investigating the case for potential errors including:

  • Motion for Summary Judgment
  • Directed Verdicts
  • Erroneous instructions to the jury
  • Improper use of law
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Incorrect rulings by the trial judge
  • improper objections
  • Closing arguments
  • Improper evidence rulings at trial

Contact our Plano appeal attorneys to set up your free initial consultation. All cases, big or small, deserve to have a second look taken. There are many mistakes that can occur during your initial trial that you may not have noticed. Allow us the privilege of assisting you in your search for justice.

Plano Texas Federal Appeal Lawyers

Brownstone Law is the law firm of choice in Plano, Texas, especially when it comes to filing appeals. We are home to a fine selection of Appeal Lawyers, who are recognized for their stellar track records. In fact, we have often been voted by several publications as one of the top appellate law firms in the country.  Located in Collin County Texas, appeals proceed to the Texas District Court of Appeals.

Our Texas appeals attorneys have even been known as Lawyers of America with regard to criminal appeals in Texas.

Contact appeals lawyer Robert Sirianni to discuss your case at (888) 233-8895.

Our appeal attorneys are skilled at both, the appellate level and also, as trial attorneys. This gives them an edge over other appeal attorneys in Plano. The unique blend of appellate and trial expertise gives Brownstone’s appeal attorneys the ability to study cases in detail and approach the appellate courts with the perfect appeals. Plus, our appeal attorneys have been handling various appellate courts for a very long time. This has allowed them to grow their knowledge about appellate level matters and navigate efficiently through these courts.

When it comes to the legal system of America, mistakes are a commonplace feature. Many a times, innocent men and women are convicted of crimes they did not commit and several clients are even denied their constitutional rights. This is why Brownstone’s appeal attorneys take up the cause of fighting for these silenced American citizens. They are always prepared to handle any case and offer their services 24×7.

If you are a resident of Plano, Texas and feel that the U.S. Legal System has wronged you, please feel free to get in touch with Brownstone Law at 888-233-8895. Our appeal attorneys in Plano TX will help you file an appeal and ensure that justice is served

Courts of Appeal in Plano Texas

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