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Controversial New Jersey Gun Law Will Remain in Effect For Now

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take on a challenge to a controversial New Jersey gun law. As a New Jersey appeal attorney can explain, this law limits the ability of New Jersey gun owners to carry their weapons outside the home.

The Basic Facts Surrounding New Jersey’s Gun Law
As a New Jersey federal appeals lawyer discusses, the state does allow its citizens to carry weapons outside the home under limited circumstances. In addition to obtaining a permit, gun owners must show that they have an urgent need before they can legally carry their gun outside their home. The NRA and other advocates claim, this law infringes on the Second Amendment. Proponents of the bill feel the “urgent need” requirement may prevent gun violence.

What the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Means
A lower appellate court in New Jersey ruled that the “urgent need” requirement did not violate the Constitution. The case was then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court is not obligated to hear every case brought before it. As such, the justices declined to hear the appeal. This means the lower appellate court decision will stand for now. Again, as an appeals attorney explains, this means that New Jersey’s “urgent need” requirement will remain in effect. It does not necessarily mean that the U.S. Supreme Court justices agree with the law; it simply means that they did not feel the case should be heard by them. It remains to be seen whether opponents of the law will continue to fight.

If you have questions about the gun laws in your state and where and how to get a permit to carry, contact a New Jersey federal appeals attorney.

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