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Role of a criminal appeal lawyer in presenting your case in Orlando

The long fight in criminal cases makes you more tired and disappointed when the decision comes against you. After a long fight, in the court, a decision that is against you makes you disappointed and sometimes hopeless. Well lucky for you that it is not the end of the road. There is more to fight and more to hope for with appeal lawyers in Orlando.

The American legal system does not leave you in a dead-end situation rather it opens a door for you to have a chance to give it another fight. The right to appeal against the decision of the lower court in a higher court is your way to fight for your rights once more.

The criminal appellate lawyers in the city of Orlando working with the Brownstone Law appeal lawyers are providing these services to give successful court fights to protect the right of their clients. Here, in this short writing, we intend to discuss some of the understandings of appeal cases when you receive a not guilty verdict.

So, let’s dive in…

What is an appeal?

When the jury has given their verdict of not guilty, it means that they have made their decision with the best of their ability and understanding of the relevant law. However, to express that the court may have missed some legal points or might have failed to take some evidence into consideration that could have taken the decision to the other side gives you a way to ask for a review of the decision from a higher court.

This is called the right to appeal the verdict against you. If you feel that the outcome of the case is not according to the law and the court has made some legal errors in making the decision or you were not given a fair trial, then you can exercise the right of appeal.

You can hire a professional appeal lawyer in Orlando who is part of an experienced and reputed law firm such as Brownstone Appeal Lawyers, to present your case in the appellate court for a better and more favourable outcome.

What will the appellate court do?

The appellate court is the court that hears your appeal to review the lower court decision for any error of law. It does not go through the whole trial process but only reviews your case and its decision that was made in the lower court. It ensures that the appellant was given a fair trial to reach this decision or if was there any legal flaw in making a judgment or ignorance of the evidence presented with arguments given in the court.

The judges of the appellate court take all the things into consideration that have influenced the decision including the testimonies of the witnesses. The arguments presented by an appellate lawyer in Orlando proved the basis for direction where to look for errors of law in the decision of the lower court.

The Appellate Lawyer

The appeal process involves a complex set of arguments and presentation that makes your case strong to bring a favourable outcome. The drafting of arguments is what makes the case legally strong and winnable. An appeal lawyer, therefore, is a very important professional legal representation on your behalf to put these legal complications in front of the court to get a fresh trial or overturn the decision of the lower court.

Appeal lawyers in Orlando are very knowledgeable and well-versed in law for criminal appeal cases to get better and favourable outcomes of the appeal cases in the state of Florida. The whole team of Brownstone Appeal lawyers in Orlando is experts in handling appeal cases of all kinds to get a fair and legally error-free decision from the appellate courts.

They first review the case by themselves to look for the errors of law and then draft arguments based on these points to present in court. When they have studied the decision of the lower court, on which they have to file an appeal, the first thing they will put in while drafting the arguments is that the court has failed to provide a fair trial in your case.

The Possible Outcomes of the Appeal

The appellate lawyer files the appeal with their drafted brief and arguments on the basis of which the appellate court starts reviewing the decision of the lower court. The brief presents all the legal errors of the decision while the oral arguments from both sides expound on these outlined errors of law. This makes it easier for the appellate judges to come to the right decision and see if there is an error made in the original decision of the court on which is appeal is being heard.

The court can come up with two possible decisions in general;

  • There was an error of law made in the original decision
  • There was no error in the lower court’s decision

If your appeal lawyer manages to present your case successfully and is able to convince the appellate court that a legal error has been made in the decision, the court may come up with two possible outcomes:

  • The appellate court may order a fresh trial of your case
  • The appellate court may overturn the decision and you are set free

These are the two favourable outcomes for your case with the latter being the best you can hope for. Our appeal lawyers in Orlando have seen many favourable outcomes and have seen the overturned decision in a maximum number of their cases.

A Third Kind of Outcome

Talking about the outcomes of the appeal cases, there is another side of the outcomes of appeal cases that you do not want to hear. The appellate court may not find your claim of errors of law made by the lower court and uphold the original decision. This will result in the ‘not guilty’ verdict stand.

In Orlando, Brownstone Law appeal lawyers have a strong team of experienced lawyers who are determined to give their one hundred percent to make your appeal case successful. If you are charged with some criminal offence and want to give fight for your rights even after losing the case in a court of law, remember, it is not the end of the road.

Our team of appeal lawyers in Orlando is fully capable with a huge amount of experience at their hands to represent you in an appellate court and get a favourable decision. The complications and complexities of criminal law demand serious representation in putting your case in a court of law.

Brownstone Law Appeal Lawyers take their job very seriously and every client is a challenge for us to keep our success ratio on top. Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge combined with years of experience to put your case in a winning situation.

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