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Tween Girls Stab Friend in Honor of a Chilling Internet Meme

Two young Wisconsin girls are facing adult attempted murder charges in a grisly attack the allegedly made on their friend. The attack was apparently spurred on by their obsession with a fictional internet character.

The Background of the Case

A gruesome attempted murder seems to have had it’s roots in an internet meme started as a result of 2009 contest. A popular website known as creepypasta hosts a fictional horror character known as Slender Man. Slender Man appears as a tall faceless man, sometimes with tentacles. An online rumor apparently held that fans could prove their loyalty to the fictional character by killing someone in his honor. It appears that’s just what two misguided Wisconsin girls tried to do.

The Crime

Twelve-year-old Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier of Waukesha, WI allegedly got the idea to carry out a brutal attack against their friend from watching the website. The girls apparently took their fascination with Slender Man so far that they believed the character to be real. The girls allegedly lured their young friend over for a sleepover. The next morning, Morgan and Anissa apparently lured her outside. Morgan claims Anissa stabbed her repeatedly while Morgan merely watched. Reports indicate that Morgan may have, in fact held the victim down during the stabbing. Texas criminal appeals lawyer can discuss what’s next for the suspects in the criminal proceeding.

How the Alleged Perpetrators Can Be Tried as Adults

Although only twelve years old, it appears that the county prosecutor has decided to pursue adult charges against the suspects. As a Wisconsin appeals attorney can explain, if the crime is serious enough, the judge has the discretion to try them as adults rather than juveniles.

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