Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Appellate Lawyer

Losing a lawsuit in trial court does not have to be the end of the road. You always have the option of filing an appeal. Appellate lawyers can review the trial judge’s ruling and advise you on whether or not to appeal. They can be objective when choosing what to appeal and dismiss because they […]

15 Best Tips to Build an Appellate Practice

There are several challenges associated with building an appellate practice. Until you are established, it’s unlikely that clients will begin to seek you out. This article will offer essential information on how to build an appellate practice while handling all the challenges of the process. Whether you have been practicing for years or are a […]

4 Qualities to Look for in a Federal Appeal Lawyer

Appellate advocacy is the best way to undo an unfavorable judgment or preserve a hard-fought victory. But appellate advocacy requires specific skills that are different from those needed in a trial lawyer. If you are looking for a federal appeal lawyer, here are a few qualities to consider. 1. Expertise Appellate law is different. While […]

Attorney Bruce Anderson Sues Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez: Appeal to Fifth Circuit

Attorney Bruce Anderson Sues Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez An Appeal to the First Amendment When someone is accused of criminal conduct the Constitution guarantees that the accused is entitled to the protection of an attorney. In fact, arresting officers are required to inform the accused of their right to an attorney. Colloquially we refer to […]

Han Tak Lee South Korean Appeal Case

Han Tak Lee: A Winning Appeal If one were to judge the justice system based on cinema or television two conclusions could be drawn rather quickly. First, the mysteries can always be solved through the work of passionate law enforcement agents. Second, the advanced technology available to law enforcement means that definite answers are always […]

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