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4 Qualities to Look for in a Federal Appeal Lawyer

Appellate advocacy is the best way to undo an unfavorable judgment or preserve a hard-fought victory. But appellate advocacy requires specific skills that are different from those needed in a trial lawyer.

If you are looking for a federal appeal lawyer, here are a few qualities to consider.

1. Expertise

Appellate law is different. While a trial lawyer lays facts before the jury and judge, an appeal lawyer emphasizes legal errors in the trial records and presents them before the appellate judge. A trial lawyer’s talent lies in appealing to the jury, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and presenting the case. However, an appellate judge must decide on what’s presented to them in the brief.

Find an attorney who specializes exclusively in appellate advocacy.

2. Experience

An inexperienced appellate attorney won’t know what to look for when analyzing a trial record. A lawyer specializing in appellate advocacy understands the local rules related to deadlines and other specific requirements for appellate fillings. They know the relevant standard of appeal applicable to a case and have enough experience with procedural law. Good appellate attorneys also understand how to address issues important to appellate judges.

Choose an appeal lawyer who has experience in many areas of state and federal appeals.

3. Excellent Analytical Skills

A significant part of appellate law concerns analyzing and reviewing trial records to look for errors and using them when writing briefs. The lawyer must be good at understanding legal developments and exploring their implications on a current case. Explaining legal principles is an essential talent that’s useful for appellate litigation.

4. Objectivity

Appellate attorneys take an objective approach to their practice and are seldom driven by emotion. This objectivity allows them to bring a fresh perspective to the case and see the bigger picture during an appeal. Their logical thinking helps them make independent judgments about the merits and weaknesses of their client’s position. Their objectivity also makes them good at detailed-oriented tasks—an essential skill for appellate law.

Are you looking for a federal appeal lawyer? Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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