Federal Appeal Lawyers in Kansas

Federal Appeal Lawyers in Kansas

Kansas Federal Appeals Lawyers

We represent clients before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States. Our Kansas federal appeal attorneys appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. Client satisfaction is a priority at our firm as is the quality of our work. We believe in listening to our clients and solving their problems at the federal appellate level.

Contact our Kansas federal appeal attorneys at (316) 252-3030. We also focus on Kansas civil appeals, Kansas federal criminal appeals and federal appeals in Kansas. Return to our main federal appellate law firm page.

Kansas Federal Appellate Law Firm

Clients from across Kansas seek out the representation of Brownstone’s appellate lawyers. The Kansas federal appeal attorneys at our firm are recognized as one of the most active groups in the nation. The issues we handle are complex and range from difficult civil appeals to complex white collar and criminal appeals. We argue precedent-setting cases in federal court, practicing nationwide as we are licensed in every federal court of appeal in the country.

Our Kansas federal law firm has former law clerks, attorneys and other legal staff that have handled numerous appeals in federal courts. We handle appeals on behalf of our clients before the United States Supreme Court, the Federal Courts of Appeals, federal administrative agencies and state appellate courts. Brownstone’s Federal Appellate Practice group is unique. Our aptitude to handle cases from across the country is the foundation for our appellate success. We create a plan designed to win the case and lay the platform for our success. Our appellate skills are not exclusive to a single discipline and we handle appeals for banking, corporate, securities, white collar, intellectual property, insurance defense, criminal, environmental and labor in Wichita, Kansas City, Overland Park, and Topeka.

Kansas Federal Drug Appeals

The Federal Court gives you a period of 10 days to file a notice of appeal. Our Kansas criminal federal appeal attorneys will take up your case from his point and present the briefs in appellate court. We handle appeals related to drug crimes, including:


Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys Kansas

At Brownstone, we specialize in federal criminal and civil defense across all the federal courts of this country. Our services are not limited to legal representation only but also to consultancy on matters regarding the appeals process. Since we started offering our services in Kansas we have had an opportunity to represent a diverse clientele in the Kansas federal appellate courts as well as the Supreme Court. Appeals in the federal system start at the United States District Court of Kansas and proceed to the federal appellate courts.

Our clients range from respectable politicians, the business moguls of Kansas, the underdogs and even large corporations. In our line of work, we acknowledge that the appellate procedure is somehow difficult and complex when compared to the trial court hearings. That is why our law firm decided to specialize in criminal and civil defense appeal litigations only. You should call us if you are thinking of appealing at the Supreme Court or if you are considering filing for a motion to vacate conviction, motion to withdraw plea, motion for post-conviction relief or petition for habeas corpus.

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Federal Appeals Lawyers in Kansas Typically Focus On

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Cultivation
  • Importation
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil Appeals
  • White Collar Appeals
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Supreme Court Appeals

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