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New Jersey Federal Appeals Attorneys

New Jersey Federal Appeals Attorneys

Federal Appeals Lawyers New Jersey

After the completion of the trial, the State and Prosecutor have the right to appeal the orders which allow a new trial to be held or the judgment acquitting the defendant. When it comes to federal appeals and post-conviction related issues, you need the help of an expert, especially if you are a resident of New Jersey.

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Brownstone Law is one of those firms that can be tagged as an experienced lawyer in this particular area. Our appellate lawyer handle federal appeals from Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and Elizabeth.  The firm’s federal appeal lawyers have operated in the area of federal appeals for ages and have gathered a significant amount of knowledge and skill. They can produce the best oral arguments and also, the best briefs, which is a quality that has earned the Brownstone name laurels. Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers spend day in and day out arguing in favor of their clients at federal courts throughout New Jersey. Appeals from the federal district court in New Jersey are filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit based on a writ, brief, or other type of appellate motion.  They have faced some of the toughest judges and juries in this matter. However, they have always managed to help their clients succeed purely due to their dedication and drive to prove the innocence of their clients and to give them the second chance that they deserve.

New Jersey Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Federal appeal lawyers at brownstone have handled and processed multiple kinds of appeals including motions for fresh trials, motions to revoke or revise sentences, conviction reversals, and motions to expunge previous criminal records. Several wrongfully convicted clients have benefited from the assistance provided by brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers. Time and again, our lawyers have played key roles in helping clients receive the justice meant for them and have prevented them from seeing the insides of a prison cell for crimes they did not commit.
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New Jersey Federal Appeals Attorneys

Whenever someone violates their probation, there is a very real chance that they will be sent to jail or prison. In order for a probation violation to be valid, however, the probation department must have informed you of the terms of your probation and the violation must be willful and substantive – you must have knowingly violated the terms of your probation. If you are found guilty of violating your probation, however, it is possible to appeal the probation revocation. Our defense attorney can look at the terms of your probation and help you with this appeal.
Brownstone Civil Appeals in New Jersey. Our federal criminal lawyers for New Jersey handle federal writs of habeas corpus as well.

Brownstone’s New Jersey federal appeal lawyer has years of experience in civil appeals cases. When it comes to civil cases, we can defend and prosecute. We have experience arguing cases in healthcare law, foreclosures, labor law, white-collar crime, environmental law, intellectual property rights disputes, and more. For a flat rate, we can help you appeal your civil case. Our federal lawyers have years of experience arguing in courts across the state, all the way up to the New Jersey Supreme Court, as well as in the United States Supreme Court. Most appeals start at the federal District Court in New Jersey and proceed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal Criminal Appellate Law Firm in New Jersey

Our law firm works with attorneys who are highly skilled in writing legal briefs, writs and oral presentations. This explains the high number of appeals that we have won in the past year alone. For effective representation of our clients, we occasionally confer with their defense lawyers or do thorough research so as to know all the legislation and details of the case. Civil and criminal appeal cases that we are experts at include but are not limited to environmental law litigation, family law, business, land, immigration, drug, intellectual property and white collar crimes appeals. When the doors of Brownstone opened, we were dedicated to appeals and providing the best services, nationwide. Our main value is providing quality appeals in federal court. Our appeal attorney can represent clients in New Jersey before the state, federal and Supreme Court. We work to understand the client’s needs. Our federal appeal practice team is experienced, consisting of former law clerks, members of the Order of Coif, and former prosecutors. We also offer our services to defendants who are planning to file for a motion to withdraw plea, motion to vacate conviction petition for writ of certiorari, motion of habeas corpus and motion for post-conviction relief. You should contact our New Jersey appeal attorney if you are planning on petitioning for clemency or pardon.

Contact our New Jersey federal appeal attorneys today for your free consultation. Brownstone, P.A. is a client centered law firm. Let us help you achieve justice in the New Jersey legal system.

Federal Appellate Lawyers New Jersey

Appealing a court decision in New Jersey can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with legal practice. This is why the New Jersey appeal attorneys of Brownstone are here to help ensure your success in the process. Our legal team has years of legal knowledge and experience in a wide array of legal matters. Brownstone garners a great deal of attention in New Jersey for our approach to the appeals process, as well as the quality of representation we provide our clients. Call our New Jersey federal appeal attorneys today at (862) 205-2131. We also handle appeals in New Jersey.

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