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Federal Appeals Attorneys in New Mexico

Federal Appeals Attorneys in New Mexico


Appellate decisions are a major part of the law. Appellate practice requires a unique set of skills and talents. Our New Mexico Federal Appeal Attorneys are positioned to seize opportunities for our clients in Albuquerque. Our entire law practice is devoted to appellate representation. The firm’s attorneys provide keen insight into the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court. The New Mexico federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone handle civil, criminal, constitutional, regulatory, contracts, and commercial federal appeals. Call us today at 1-888-233-8895.

Contact our federal civil and criminal appeals attorneys in New Mexico to discuss your case 888-233-8895.

Albuquerque Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Choose the legal team in Albuquerque for your appeal. Brownstone’s New Mexico federal appeal attorneys have won hundreds of appeals in corporate, administrative, white collar, drug cases, criminal, fraud, contracts, class action, environmental and natural resources, oil and gas, energy, trademark, business torts, securities, negligence, and intellectual property cases. We combine years of experience and expert knowledge to prepare the strategy for your appeal. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ chances of winning by preparing the most effective briefs and arguments for presentations before the federal appeals courts. Each of our New Mexico appeal attorneys is specialized in appellate law and highly qualified to handle your appeal.

Albuquerque New Mexico Appellate Law Firm

The Tenth Circuit Court is based in Denver, Colorado, and hears cases from Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. The federal appeals attorneys at Brownstone are experienced at presenting oral arguments by interactive video-conference as well as in person. Nationally recognized for our legal services, Brownstone briefs cases in every appellate court across the United States, including the United States Supreme Court. We argue precedent-setting cases of national importance. Our elite litigators include former law clerks, former prosecutors, members of the Order of Coif, and attorneys who have handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals. They know what it takes to win an appeal.

Federal Appeals Attorneys in New Mexico

Our practice is devoted entirely to civil appeals and criminal appeal matters in federal courts. We take on the most complex and challenging appeals. Led by Robert Sirianni, Jr., Brownstone attorneys are focused on winning the argument on appeal. Our Albuquerque appeal attorneys will handle any type of appeal, including criminal appeals from the New Mexico District Courts, writs, petitions, complex business appeals, business torts, white collar crime, securities, and constitutional claims. Our team fights cases based on errors committed in the original trial, decisions unsupported by evidence, and courts that abuse discretion or exceed their jurisdiction. Let the attorneys in New Mexico take on your case. Brownstone explores every avenue to craft a winning strategy for your appeal. Make an appointment today with our New Mexico federal appeal attorneys to have your verdict reviewed and your case examined.

New Mexico Federal Appeal Lawyers

The New Mexico Federal Appeal Attorneys at our firm are admitted to practice before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. Our New Mexico law firm handles criminal appeals, civil appeals, constitutional issues, habeas corpus and post-conviction relief, business appeals, and original appeals. The firm handles cases in Albuquerque New Mexico. Contact our New Mexico Federal Appeal Attorneys today for a free consultation.

The New Mexico federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are accomplished appellate litigators. Members of our firm are former law clerks, prosecutors and attorneys that have handled hundreds of appeals. Clients benefit from our diverse staff and team environment. We analyze and frame each issue on appeal for our clients in New Mexico.

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