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Federal Appellate Lawyer In Ohio

Federal Appellate Lawyer In Ohio

Ohio Federal Appeal Attorneys

Our experience in Ohio federal appeals stems from our trial practice and we handle our clients’ appeals when we are not counsel of record in the trial court. Our Ohio Federal Appeal Attorneys act as co-counsels for Ohio cases and in trial cases and seek the help of trial counsel to guarantee that our clients have experienced appellate representation possible and make sure that the record on appeal is preserved. Our federal appellate lawyers handle cases in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Federal Appellate Lawyers in Ohio

Brownstone’s Ohio federal appeal attorneys has the experience of handling a large number of appeals in Federal courts in Ohio. We handle appeals on behalf of both appellants and appellees, for our existing clients and for those who seek our services exclusively for handling the appellate procedure in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Akron. We make optimum use of the knowledge and experience accumulated by our Ohio federal appeal attorneys and appellate staff to create briefs and arguments that enable us to carry our point across to the courts and litigants. Return to our main federal appellate law firm page by clicking the link.


Our firm often briefs and argues cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. Our Ohio appellate experience encompasses commercial disputes, construction law, criminal, foreclosures and personal injury cases. We file and handle appeals in all areas of civil law, including business litigation, habeas, personal injury, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, products liability and environmental law.  Call our Ohio federal appeals lawyers today (380) 867-1679.

Federal Criminal Appellate Law Firm in Ohio

The focus of our Ohio federal crime appeal law firm is on appealing criminal cases and seeking post-conviction relief for our clients. Our attorneys are able to get the appellant out of jail during the appeal process. We may be able to:


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Ohio Federal Drug Crime Appeals

Our Ohio federal appeal attorneys and litigators also handle trial and appeals on behalf of clients. Our Ohio Federal Appeal Attorneys have a successful track record and are skilled at handing post-trial proceedings and appeals. We handle cases pertaining to numerous aspects of federal criminal drug appeals for our clients across the state of Ohio. Our clients include persons from different areas who seek our skill in handling appeals.  Our law firm also handle criminal habeas corups petition in Ohio.

The Constitution of the United States of America grants uniform rights to all citizens. Racial or any other form of discrimination is criminal and the constitution allows aggrieved people to seek their rights in the court of law.

Appellate litigation before the federal courts of appeal requires focus and commitment. It also means an attorney must have a distinctive set of skills, including superb brief writing, superior oral argument, and quality advocacy before Ohio federal courts, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. We take pride in our federal appellate representation of clients. Connect with us to review your case.

Our appellate experience has prepared us to advance difficult appeals in Ohio and Columbus. Our Ohio federal appeal attorneys file petitions, writs, criminal appeals, major civil appeal cases, and complex litigation appeals in federal court. Several of our federal appeal attorneys in Ohio are former law clerks and prosecutors. The lawyers focus their attention on appellate practice. Lawyers in our Ohio federal appeal practice section have extensive experience in both civil and criminal federal appeals. Connect with our federal appellate law firm for Ohio (380) 867-1679.

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