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Oklahoma Federal Appeal Lawyers

The Oklahoma federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone focus on quality because when our clients win so do we. We endeavor to win the argument on appeal for our clients in Oklahoma by handling complex civil and criminal appeals in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone represent clients before the Tenth Circuit and United States Supreme Court.

Contact our Oklahoma federal appeal lawyers at (405) 543-2720.

Nationally recognized for our legal appeals, our Oklahoma lawyers have the skills and experience to present the best possible appeals for our clients. The firm provides counseling, brief writing, oral advocacy, and arguments for our clients in Oklahoma while dealing with challenging and complex issues. Return to our federal appellate litigation page.

Okayama City Federal Criminal Appeal Lawyers

At Brownstone, we have a team of Oklahoma federal criminal appeal lawyers that are experienced in handling federal appeals. Our Oklahoma federal appeal firm takes on appeals related to basic legal issues such as contract disputes and cases involving complicated legal issues. We file appeals on behalf of clients in a wide variety of areas such as federal antitrust appeals, environmental, commercial, insurance, securities claims, white collar crimes and regulatory appeals. We represent clients from Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Experienced Federal Appellate Lawyer in Tulsa

We have handled hundreds of appeals in the US Supreme Court, the lower federal courts and administrative appeals courts with success. We offer services for industry groups not related directly to the case. Our firm handles appeals across Oklahoma, doing a lot of work in Tulsa as well as Oklahoma City.

Dealing with a federal criminal appeal requires experience, skill and knowledge. Having a lawyer experience with such cases in your corner increases your chances of success. We have handled numerous cases and can handle any large federal criminal appeal. Contact our Oklahoma federal appeal lawyers for a free consultation.

Since we started practicing appellate law we have successfully filed for several petitions, motions and appeals at the supreme court of the United States. These include petitions for writ of certiorari, motions to reduce sentence, motions to vacate conviction, motion to withdraw plea and motion for post-conviction relief. We also offer our services to defendants who are about to face the clemency and pardons board. The high percentage of cases that we win can be credited to the high quality writs and legal briefs that we normally present. Contact our appeal lawyers at (405) 543-2720.

Federal Appeal Lawyers In Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Federal Appeal Lawyers

The Federal Court of Appeals is the highest court in State of Oklahoma. The procedures followed by the Federal Court of Appeals are very different that of civil or criminal appeals courts. With its complex procedures, an appeal can be extremely time consuming. The average individual is not equipped to deal with the complexities of getting their appeal filed and the process started. Brownstone Law and its attorney’s know exactly what they need to do to get your case reviewed. Proper research, case preparation and professional presentation will protect your rights and look to overturn your current ruling. Contact Oklahoma federal appeal lawyers today for a free consultation to review your options.

Learn more about the federal appeals lawyers in Oklahoma City by contacting us today. Call us today (405) 543-2720. 

Federal Appeals Lawyers In Oklahoma City