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Rhode Island Federal Appeals Attorneys

Rhode Island Federal Appeals Attorneys

Federal Appeal Lawyers in Rhode Island

Our law firm is nationally recognized for our legal services within the federal courts of appeal. The appellate team at Brownstone represents some of the largest businesses in the country before all the federal courts of appeal. The federal appeal issues we handle are challenging and complex. The federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone are 100% devoted to civil and criminal appellate matters. We aim to increase our client’s chance of winning by preparing powerful arguments, persuasive briefs, and effective oral presentations before the federal appeals courts.  Return to our main federal appeals attorney page.

Contact our Rhode Island federal appeal lawyers for a free consultation at 1-888-233-8895.

Rhode Island Criminal Appeal Lawyers

The Rhode Island federal appeal attorneys at Brownstone provide sound legal counsel to businesses and individuals. Our lawyers offer strategic thinking and insightful review of each appellate case. We have handled hundreds of appeals in the First Circuit and Supreme Court of the United States. Whether it is a civil appeal or criminal appeal case our lawyers offer the best possible appellate representation across the nation.

Rhode Island Federal Appeals Attorneys

We focus 100% of our attention on federal appellate practice. Brownstone’s Rhode Island federal appeal lawyers are known for their aggressive and zealous appellate advocacy before every federal court of appeal in the nation. We develop lawyers who combine experience with broad based legal knowledge. We take appeals from the US District Courts in Providence Rhode Island to the federal courts of appeal.

Clients in Rhode Island rely on our skilled appeal lawyers to address cases and arguments in federal court. We are accomplished attorneys, nationally recognized for our federal appellate work. Federal appeal present complex issues. Procedural matters such as deadlines and filing of briefs present difficult choices for clients to make along the way. We strive to delivery results, offering strategic solutions for our clients at the federal court appeal level. Since we handle criminal cases in federal courts we also work on 2254 habeas corpus petitions to vacate a sentence or overturn a verdict.

Rhode Island Federal White Collar Appeal

The Government has enormous resources to devote to each case. Our firm responds with a strategic approach to defending each case on appeal. Each federal criminal appeal case is assigned to a team of Rhode Island Federal Appeal Lawyers. Our appeal lawyers work to protect your rights at the appellate level. The team approach means that each client is provided the maximum chances to win at the appeal level.

The appellate team at Brownstone Law Firm handles appeals in Rhode Island and from the US District Court in Providence Rhode Island. Apart from civil appeals and criminal appeals, Brownstone Law offers services for federal appellate, federal criminal defense, and other similar legal services.

The rules of Federal Appellate Procedure are unique and very difficult. We are completely versed in all areas of appellate law. Our firm handles federal criminal appeals of drug cases, trafficking, drug cultivation, RICO, white collar crime, fraud, securities fraud, robbery, and related areas of federal criminal appeals.

Contact our Rhode Island Federal Appeal Lawyers to handle your civil or criminal appeal.

Federal District Court in Rhode Island. Call our federal appellate attorneys in Rhode Island at 888-233-8895.

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Rhode Island Federal Appellate Lawyer

  • The Rhode Island Court of Appeals hear both civil appeals and criminal appeals. The court of appeals is located in Rhode Island.