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Federal Appeals Lawyers for South Carolina

Federal Appeals South Carolina | Fourth Circuit Court Attorneys

When you have a federal appeal, it is crucial to have an experienced federal appellate lawyer for the Fourth Circuit and South Carolina piloting the process. Federal Appeals from South Carolina to the 4th Circuit cases require an in-depth knowledge of the law and a sound grasp of the workings of the system. This is why clients in South Carolina federal courts trust Brownstone Law. Federal appeals in South Carolina originate from the District Courts from Columbia, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Rock Hill, Greenville, and Summerville, South Carolina.  Return to our main federal appeals lawyers page and read more about our appellate work and experience.

Contact Brownstone Law for an appeal to the Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals at (843) 277-6004.

Our federal appeal lawyers South Carolina are highly experienced and have an extensive knowledge of the law and the legal system.

Federal Appeals South Carolina

All appeals from South Carolina Federal District Courts proceed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and are argued before a panel of 3 judges.


Our team of federal appellate attorneys South Carolina has successfully handled several appeals in civil and commercial litigation. Throughout the federal appellate courts, Brownstone Law is reputed and trusted as the trailblazing law firm, when it comes handling civil and criminal appeals. We handle South Carolina federal criminal appeals,  federal sentencing guidelines appeals, federal civil appeals, constitutional litigation, business appeals, and administrative appeals to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Federal appeals to the Fourth Circuit for the United States also start at the South Carolina District Court level and proceed to a three judge panel.

Contact Robert Sirianni to appeal your case to the Fourth Circuit (843) 277-6004.

Our crop of excellent federal lawyers for South Carolina federal appeals to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals deals with numerous appellate works before the federal appellate courts including:

  • Health Care Fraud
  • Federal Drug Convictions
  • RICO
  • White Collar Crime
  • Tax sales
  • Contract disputes
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Product liability
  • Federal jurisdiction
  • Tort claims act and other civil and commercial litigation
  • Federal sentencing guidelines

Filing an federal appeal requires a great deal of time and preparation. It entails extensive legal research, writing, and editing. Appellate lawyers must also research legal issues, analyze court records, prepare trial motions and memoranda, and file written briefs with the appellate court to ensure our clients win their civil or criminal case. Our federal appellate lawyers for South Carolina federal appeals to the 4th Circuit have drafted numerous federal appeals, and have years of experience arguing substantial legal issues in federal appellate courts that start in the South Carolina district courts for the United States.

Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers South Carolina

Appeals are normally tricky and involve time constraints. Due to the time limitation in filing an appeal with a Circuit Court of Appeals, it is important to contact a federal appellate lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options. We are aware that not every appellate lawyer can handle the pressure. Which is why at Brownstone Law, we work tirelessly to ensure that you do not miss your appeal deadline. Our lawyers dedicate their time and intellectual resources in researching and reviewing your case to ensure victory for any civil or criminal case.

If our you are not satisfied or errors are made with Federal criminal cases at the district court, our able appellate attorneys appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and we have knowledge of the rules of federal appellate procedure.

Contact Robert Sirianni Jr lead appellate litigator South Carolina federal appeals to review appeal your case to the 4th Circuit (843) 277-6004.

When choosing an federal appellate lawyer, it is essential to select a lawyer who is willing and able to devote the necessary amount of time and energy to your case. At Brownstone Law, we have top appellate attorneys that are ready and willing to ensure you win your civil or criminal case.

The level of experience that our federal criminal appellate lawyers South Carolina  have, guarantee that our clients will get a reduced sentence, increased compensation or be granted a new trial. Our federal appeal lawyers for South Carolina 4th Circuit Court of Appeals are committed and work diligently to ensure that you are well represented. Our federal appeal lawyers handle cases in every appellate court across South Carolina. Our appeals lawyers also handle 2255 motions for post conviction relief.

We are experienced at major appeals such as drug offense appeals. We also handle issues related to sentencing and ensure that our clients receive experienced appellate representation possible.

Our years of experience and consistent results are proof of the excellent knowledge and skills our appellate lawyers have, as they ensure your well-being throughout the duration of the federal appeals.

At the federal level, criminal appeals are known to be very complicated and require utmost expertise. Our exceptionally trusted team of South Carolina federal appellate lawyers has managed to successfully represent hundreds of clients in the federal courts in South Carolina as well as the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The federal criminal appeal attorneys South Carolina of Brownstone Law firm are experienced in representing clients involved in federal court appeal issues. We devote all of our attention and energy to developing powerful strategies that can be used to achieve results in favor of our clients. Brownstone Law’s federal appellate lawyers are excellent at designing innovative strategies and finding loopholes that can persuade the Federal Appeals Courts to rule in favor of our clients.

We are nationally recognized across the country as the leading law firm with the best and most skilled team of appellate lawyers.  Due to our experience and expertise, we have handled hundreds of appeal cases involving civil and criminal law. We are adept at preparing effective briefs and arguments through extensive research and investigation of relevant facts and documents. With Brownstone Law, your chances of winning are higher.  The federal appeals lawyers for South Carolina Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States are here to help you before the Fourth Circuit Appellate Court.

This is why we are the best law firm when it comes to handling civil and criminal cases at the federal level in South Carolina. If you are interested in filing a federal criminal appeal or need to file a notice of appeal of a district court judgment, contact one of our federal appellate lawyers for the 4th Circuit and cases from South Carolina federal district courts to review your case. We will begin with a free consultation to see how we can assist you and ensure that you win your case because, at Brownstone Law, our trademark is success! Read more about the District Courts in South Carolina for federal appeals.

Opinions from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals South Carolina


The case is an federal civil appeal from the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, at Charleston Hill. Mary G. Lewis, District Judge.  Dustin Robert Williamson appeals from summary judgment awards made by the district court in South Carolina to several officials of Barnwell County and the State’s Department of Corrections (the “SCDC”), with respect to Williamson’s 42 U.S.C. § 1983 lawsuit for due process violations. Put succinctly, Williamson maintains that, as a result of actions of the defendant officials, he suffered in solitary confinement for three-and-a-half years while in pretrial detention, in violation of his Fourteenth Amendment rights. Williamson contends that the district court erred in ruling that his period of solitary confinement was not unconstitutionally punitive and that, if he was deprived of any due process protections, the defendants were entitled to qualified immunity. Read more here: South Carolina Federal Appeals

US District Court for South Carolina
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