Pontiac Appellate Attorneys

Pontiac Appellate Attorneys

Our Michigan appellate experience has prepared us to advance challenging appeals for our clients in Michigan. We offer services throughout the state, including Flint and Detroit. We appear before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal and U.S. Supreme Court. The Pontiac appeal lawyers at our firm consistently deliver results in appeals and secure major appellate cases for our clients. The firm offers substantial experience when it comes to federal appellate litigation, including brief writing, advisory, and oral arguments. We have grown and prospered due to our ability to serve clients nationwide. If any prohibited evidence was presented against you in your trial, contact us right away at 1-888-233-8895.

Our Pontiac appeal lawyers have analyzed and generated many appellate briefs, and our experience in appeals boosts our efforts in creating astute briefs for our clients. We examine the case from all aspects and pinpoint the essentials. Our attention to detail is immaculate and our team handles oral arguments persuasively.

Pontiac Michigan Criminal Appellate Litigation Firm

When the stakes are high, our Pontiac appeal lawyers are dedicated to providing quality federal appeals in Michigan. Appeals present difficult issues, which often require the experience of an appellate lawyer. Civil appeals are often complex cases involving disputes over high stakes issues, while federal appeals filed in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court require a special set of skills. Our Michigan federal appeal lawyers strive to understand the law and rules of federal appellate procedure that apply to our clients cases. Experience matters when considering a strategy for federal appeals in Michigan courts.

Clients in Michigan depend on Brownstone’s appellate practice team to master the details of complex appellate litigation arguments. Our appellate federal litigation team in Pontiac, Michigan set a high priority to all types of federal appeals. Our Michigan law firm respects the federal appeal process. We know what issues are important for the federal courts and we understand the proper methods to capture the courts attention on appeal. We understand what approaches have worked in the past, and our Pontiac appeal lawyers are skilled at briefing the issues that matter in criminal and civil cases.

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