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How to file an appeal in Florida

best florida appeals attorneys

Florida Appeals Lawyers The role of Florida appeals lawyers is to help clients navigate the complex legal system in order to obtain the best possible outcome in a case. These lawyers are experts in appellate law and specialize in researching and arguing cases before the Florida Supreme Court, District Courts of Appeal, and other courts. […]

What’s the Difference Between Trial & Appellate Attorney in Florida?

Appellate Attorneys In Florida

When most individuals think of hiring an attorney in Florida, the first thing that pops into their minds is hiring a trial lawyer, one who can help them with their case at the trial level. But if the case doesn’t go your way, you’ll need to hire an experienced and skilled appellate attorneys in Florida […]

What Do Appellate Judges Consider When Reviewing an Appeal?

Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Appellate judges do not review case facts. Instead, they review how the trial was conducted to ensure there weren’t any errors. In other words, among other things, it is the duty of an appellate judge to determine if the law was applied correctly during the trial. They also determine if the law itself is unconstitutional. […]

The Seven Commandments of Writing a Winning Appellate Brief

The Seven Commandments of Writing a Winning Appellate Brief

An appellate brief plays a crucial role in the appellate process. It provides a comprehensive summary of what occurred at the trial. Also, it helps in persuading the appellate court of the client’s position. Writing a winning appellate brief takes weeks or even months, but a well-researched and persuasive brief can help tip the scales […]

How Does the Appeal Procedure Work?

How Is An Appeal Filed In An Appellate Court

In the United States’ legal system, a case is first tried in a trial court. Once a ruling has been issued, parties to the case can appeal this ruling. Usually, it’s the losing party that files an appeal. To get the appeals process in motion, an appellate lawyer must be hired. They’ll know where the […]

On What Grounds Are Criminal Convictions Appealed?

On What Grounds Are Criminal Convictions Appealed-

The legal process doesn’t end with a criminal conviction. Even if you’ve been found guilty by a trial court, you can appeal to a court of appeals if you believe you’ve been wrongly convicted or received a harsh sentence. When an appeal goes to an appellate court, any of the following scenarios can happen: The […]

Top 5 Tips for Remote Appellate Arguments During COVID-19

Appellate Arguments

Due to the risks presented to human health by gathering in closed quarters during the pandemic, the majority of court cases are being held remotely. Appellate cases are included in the shift to remote meetings, and for individuals who have an appellate court appearance approaching, this change may be stressful. If you’ve been notified that […]

15 Best Tips to Build an Appellate Practice

Top 15 Tips to Build an Appellate Practice - Brownstone Law

There are several challenges associated with building an appellate practice. Until you are established, it’s unlikely that clients will begin to seek you out. This article will offer essential information on how to build an appellate practice while handling all the challenges of the process. Whether you have been practicing for years or are a […]

How Long Does It Take For A Federal Criminal Appeal To Be Decided By The Court

federal criminal appeal

How long does an appeal take? Recognizing that the appeal of a federal court case can take over a year is key to managing your legal situation. Staying patient and calm in the face of adversity is an essential first step in overcoming your legal challenges. Every day a desperate person in considerably serious legal […]