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Social Media Evidence Admitted into Court for Appeal

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A Social Media Appeal: Admission of Social Media Post As Evidence Since its inception social media has created quite a conundrum in courtrooms across the country. Interactions between people involved in a legal proceeding are governed, as other aspects are, by the rules of evidence. These rules, while often ambiguous and open to interpretation, set […]

What to Expect When you hire an Appeals Attorney in Jacksonville

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Hiring an appeals attorney is not a place that anyone wants to be. When you need to hire an appeals attorney it not only means you are in legal trouble, it also means that your case did not turn out the way you had hoped. Whether you need criminal appeal attorneys or civil appeals attorneys, […]

Does Sex Sell?

Overturning Prostitution Laws to Protect Individual Freedoms

Ask anyone in the marketing industry whether sex sells and the answer is almost always a resounding yes.  Ask someone in law enforcement, however, and the answer quickly becomes the opposite. In the United States there is an outright prohibition on the sale or solicitation of sex. As with all outright prohibitions, there is one […]

Appellate Lawyers in Houston

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Appeal your case with us and be guaranteed of our experience in appeals in both state and federal courts. Our goal is to help you win the argument on appeal; we have the most experienced appeal lawyers Houston has to offer. At our firm we take time to understand your case and follow through with […]

Cameron Todd Willingham Appeals Texas Conviction

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Cameron Todd Willingham Appeals Conviction in Texas On a chilly December day in 1991, a home in Corsicana, Texas caught fire. On this day in 1991 four members of the Willingham family were inside the home: a two-year-old named Amber, two one-year-old twins named Karmon and Kameron and the girls father, Cameron Todd Willingham. The […]

Jessica’s Law for California Sex Offenders

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California Court’s Stance on Sex Offenders In 2006, 70 percent of California voters approved The Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Acts, also known as Jessica’s Law. In fact, 5,926,800 of California’s approximately 8 million voters approved the legislation. The law was authored by Republican Senator George Runner and Republican State Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, husband and […]

Rodney Reed Stays Death Penalty in Texas Execution for Murder of Stacey Stites

Rodney Reed Gets A Stay of Execution in Texas Death Penalty Case Rodney Reed has been a Texas death row inmate since his trial for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites. Stites was the 19-year-old fiancée of Officer Jimmy Fennell. During his trial, the state argued that Reed had raped and murdered the 19-year-old, and […]

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev Trial Case: Boston Marathon

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev Try to Change Venue From Boston April 15, 2013 is a date that will never fade from the memory of a Bostonian. The day began as a celebration of strength, speed, and determination, and without warning became a day of pain, injury, and sorrow. Two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the […]

Former Mayor of Detroit Michigan Kwame Kilpatrick Appeals Conviction

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Former Mayor of Detroit Michigan Kwame Kilpatrick Appeals Conviction Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, was convicted for public corruption charges. He has argued since the get go that his conviction would not have occurred if he had had a better attorney during the trial phase. His most recent appeal took place last month […]

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott Agrees to Support Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Extract for Medical Use

Florida Governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott has indicated he will sign a law legalizing a certain form of marijuana for medical use. As a Florida appeals attorney can explain, this represents a victory for proponents of medical marijuana though Governor Scott still opposes full medical marijuana legalization. The Background Behind Recent Medical Marijuana Legislation The Republican-controlled Florida House […]