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How Long Does It Take For A Federal Criminal Appeal To Be Decided By The Court

federal criminal appeal

How long does an appeal take? Recognizing that the appeal of a federal court case can take over a year is key to managing your legal situation. Staying patient and calm in the face of adversity is an essential first step in overcoming your legal challenges. Every day a desperate person in considerably serious legal […]

Federal Appeals Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Appellate Process for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals A federal criminal conviction in the federal courts of Pennsylvania is a daunting judgment. The life and freedom of the convicted will change drastically. A person convicted of a federal criminal act will face challenges unknown to them prior to conviction and lose even the […]

Appeal Lawyers in Austin: What They Do

austin-appeal lawyers

If you are unfamiliar with appeals and what happens in them, don’t worry you are not alone.  Having to go to court for anything can be a daunting experience. Even more so when you do not win your case.  However, there are lawyers who specialize in taking on appeals.  An appeal can be defined as […]

Using Appeal Attorneys Austin to Gain a More Favorable Outcome

top texas appellate attorneys

Things don’t always work out as you plan, and one of the most common of those things is a jury trial. This trial might have been for a criminal or civil matter, but either way, it has had a significant impact on your life. In fact, you might have experience incarceration as a direct result […]

Cattle Battle on Federal Land Likely Avoided

best attorney-Former Mayor

An anticipated showdown between a Nevada cattle rancher and the federal government will likely pass without the violence and fanfare many anti-government groups had been hoping. The background of this fight stemmed from the alleged right of a landowner and cowboy to use his land as he pleases against the interests of the federal government in […]

The Sordid love affair of Emmett Corrigan and Kandi Hall

Sordid love affair

A Love Affair Gone Wrong: Emmett Corrigan had been blessed with a successful law career, a beautiful wife, and four children all at the young age of 30. Fresh out of law school, he joined a bankruptcy and criminal defense firm in Boise, Idaho where he met his paralegal, Kandi Hall. Kandi’s husband, Rob Hall, […]