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Kathleen Kane Pennsylvania Attorney General Investigation of Prosecutors

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Investigation Prosecuting a Prosecutor Just about everyone in the United States has seen the statue of Lady Justice. She adorns the entrances of millions of courthouses and is the embodiment of our ideals of justice. Lady Justice holds balanced scales and wears a blindfold across her eyes. The purpose of […]

Religious Freedom in Pennsylvania

religious freedom

The concept of the separation of church and state is a common refrain many Americans associate with the U.S. Constitution. The government is prohibited from establishing or oppressing people based on their religious affiliation. At face value this is a relatively simple concept. Unfortunately, once a concept turns into legislation, law and court opinions, the […]

Inmate Mail Rights in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania prisoners have had the privilege of mail for about as long as there have been prisoners in Pennsylvania. There are several benefits involved in allowing for prisoners to make use of the mail. The inmate benefits mentally from outside contact and their family and friends benefit by not losing their relationship altogether. Society may […]

Appellate Lawyers in Houston

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Appeal your case with us and be guaranteed of our experience in appeals in both state and federal courts. Our goal is to help you win the argument on appeal; we have the most experienced appeal lawyers Houston has to offer. At our firm we take time to understand your case and follow through with […]

Is Pennsylvania the next state to enact a Medical Marijuana Law?

As The Washington Post reports that states with medical marijuana laws enacted have a 25% lower incident of prescription overdose deaths than states without such laws, it is beginning to appear that Pennsylvania may become the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Riding a wave of good news of those in support of medical […]