Federal Judge Blocks Secret Probe into Wisconsin Governors 2012 Recall Election

Shortly after Governor Scott Walker won the June 2012 recall election in Wisconsin, District Attorney John Chisholm launched a secret probe to investigate illegal activity surrounding the election. This secret probe is referred to as a John Doe proceeding and is defined by Wisconsin Statute 968.26 as a proceeding to determine whether a crime has been committed […]

OSHA Wins Victory in Seaworld Case Involving Death of Trainer

OSHA Wins Victory in Seaworld Case Involving Death of Trainer A high profile accident at Sea World has wound its way through the Federal appellate court system. As a Florida appeals attorney explains, the latest ruling represents a victory for OSHA. Recent Court Ruling Regarding Sea World Sea World has been at the center of […]

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Reinstate Arizona Law Criminalizing the Harbor of Illegal Immigrants

Arizona’s 2010 Immigration Law has sparked controversy ever since it was enacted. As a federal appeals lawyer explains, the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on a particularly controversial provision that made it illegal to harbor illegal immigrants. The Background of Arizona’s Immigration Reform Arizona has been a bellwether state in terms of immigration reform. […]

Criminal Trial Of David Camm

Third Times the Charm for David Camm It has taken 13 years and three trials for former Indiana policeman David Camm to finally walk out of prison, exonerated from two previous murder convictions. It was September of 2000 when David Camm arrived home and opened his garage door to find a grizzly scene; his wife […]

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