Everything You Wanted to Know About Appealing a Case

If you’re not happy with the judge’s order or decision in a court trial regarding a criminal or civil case, you can, in most cases, request an appeal in an appeals court. There can be several grounds for appeal. For instance, you may appeal a case citing an error of law in prior proceedings. Such […]

8 Steps That Help You Win Your Criminal Appeal

Getting charged with a crime and being convicted can drastically affect your life. Once you are convicted, you may be facing jail time along with other serious punishments. But being convicted is not the end, not all hope is lost. According to Chicago criminal appeals attorneys, you still have the constitutional right to appeal your […]

How a Conflict of State and Local Laws Can Muddy Open Carry Laws

While Texas law allows citizens to openly carry firearms, local law can sometimes conflict. A Texas appeal attorney can discuss how these laws are applied and how this conflict may have been the root of one man’s recent controversial run-in with law enforcement. A Texas Federal Appeals Attorney Discusses Texas’s Open Carry Law Texas is […]

The BFF Killers

Skylar Neese was a 16-year-old, straight-A student at University High School in Star City, West Virginia. She was the only daughter of Dave and Mary Neese who not only excelled academically, but also in her job at a local fast food restaurant. When she failed to show up for work one day, her parents became […]

Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Released on Bail

Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Released on Bail The night before Halloween in 1975 in Greenwich, Connecticut was just like any other for local teenagers who liked to prank houses in their neighborhood by ringing the doorbell and running away or toilet papering houses. Those types of harmless activities were just what 15-year-old Martha Moxley was […]

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