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Seattle Washington Federal Appellate Law Firm

Seattle Washington Federal Appellate Law Firm

Federal Appeal Lawyers in Seattle Washington

t Brownstone, relationships with our appellate clients are a top priority. We implement our client’s objectives when we handle a federal appeal in Washington. Our Washington federal appeal lawyers represent clients before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. We seek to resolve disputes at the federal appellate level in both civil and criminal matters. Our Washington federal appeal lawyers form strategic solutions on complex legal problems facing our clients.

Contact our Seattle Washington Federal Appeals Lawyers at (206) 504-1690.

Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys in Seattle Washington

Appeals are often a necessary step in the criminal or civil litigation process. Appeals ensure a correct judgment was made by the trial court. Experienced federal appeal attorneys make up the entire team at Brownstone. Our Washington law firm focuses 100% on appeals. This is a long standing tradition at our law firm.

Federal Appeal Lawyers in Seattle Washington

Our Seattle Washington federal appeal attorneys provide comprehensive appellate services such as handling appeals from other firms, filing motions in limine in the trial court and as part of the trial court process, and advising clients on the strong and weak points of an appeal. Our federal appeal attorneys are former law clerks, prosecutors, members of the Order of Coif, and law review editors. Contact our federal criminal appeal lawyers in Seattle Washington at (206) 504-1690..

The issues we handle in Washington federal courts are challenging and complex. Our appellate practice is 100% devoted to civil and criminal federal appellate matters in Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma. The jury’s verdict is not the end of litigation. The appeal process ensure that the trial court and jury applied the correct law and followed the right process. Brownstone has a national reputation as being one the premier federal appellate law firms in the country. We also handle federal post conviction petitions and writs before the District Courts.

Our Washington federal appeal attorneys have extensive appellate experienced in litigation. The Seattle federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone handle cases involving financial services law and appeals, constitutional law, energy law, environmental law, corporate law, criminal investigations, and administrative review in Washington state. Our federal appeal practice means we represent clients and corporations from SeattleSpokaneTacoma, and Vancouver. Connect with our federal crime appeal lawyer at (206) 504-1690.

Our Washington appeal law firm has presented cases on behalf of clients from Washington before the United States Supreme Court and every United States Court of Appeal in the Nation. Our Washington Federal Appeal Lawyers represent both civil and criminal clients on appeal. Most of the appeals from Washington go directly to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our Washington federal appeal lawyers believe in providing superior federal appellate representation at the federal level.  The federal appeals start at the US District Courts in Seattle Washington and proceed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal and State Appellate Attorneys

At Brownstone we acknowledge the complex nature of appealing at the federal courts. It is for this reason that we decided to focus on civil and a criminal appeal cases only. As a matter of fact, our appeals attorneys have over the years gained a deep understanding of the rules of appellate procedure and process. Our team of appellate attorneys is highly experienced in preparing detailed writs and briefs so as to effectively represent our clients. We also utilize our ability to offer strong and convincing oral arguments so as to obtain a positive outcome from the appeals process. Contact Brownstone Law to talk about your federal appeals. Call our Seattle federal appeal lawyers at (206) 504-1690.

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