Federal Post-Conviction Lawyer In Seattle Washington

Federal Post-Conviction Lawyer In Seattle Washington

Seattle Washington Federal Habeas Corpus Lawyers

Once you receive the verdict or outcome of your court case and it does not render in your favor, you need to contact our law firm to talk to a Seattle Washington federal habeas corpus attorney to discuss the appeals process and what you can expect once we file an appeal on your behalf.

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We handle a variety of criminal and post-conviction cases which help clients who are seeking:


There are a variety of grounds to withdraw your plea for post-conviction grounds which include ineffective counsel, newly discovered evidence, void or illegal judgment and sentence, or an unconstitutional conviction and sentence. You may appeal your motion to the United States Court of Appeals with assistance from our skilled and knowledgeable Washington appeal attorneys. To learn more about the types of appeals we handle at the federal level, you will need to talk to one of our federal crime attorneys today. Contact a Washington federal post-conviction lawyer today at (206) 504-1690.  Return to our main federal post conviction lawyer page.

Washington Federal Post-Conviction Attorney

For those who are not satisfied with the results of their court case, whether civil or criminal, they need to contact an appeal lawyer to discuss what options they have for recourse. Through the Seattle Washington Federal Appellate Court, an individual has the right to appeal their case. To do so, they will need to talk to an attorney who specializes in appeals so they can get the best possible outcome. There is a specific list of procedures that one needs to follow when bringing their case to Appellate Court. Once your case is filed, the court reviews all the evidence and processes that happened when you initially took it to trial.

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On a number of cases, our federal criminal attorneys have managed to secure reduced sentences or retrials for our clients. Some of our clients have also had their cases remanded to the trial cases so as to reconsider the verdict based on the appellate courts instructions. A Washington post-conviction lawyer is here to review your case to determine what options are available to you following an unfavorable conviction or sentence. Whether you are an inmate in prison or a defendant looking to vacate an old conviction, it is our job to set the record straight. With strong and compelling arguments developed by our experienced attorneys, we help fight for your rights in the federal appellate courts. Set up your free initial consultation today by calling a Brownstone Law’s Washington Post-Conviction Lawyer today.

Experienced Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions and Writs

Our federal criminal defense lawyers from Brownstone appellate litigation firm are some of the most experienced federal appeal litigation attorneys in Washington. We are the legal help you need to represent you in any civil, criminal and post-conviction appeals. We are handles federal crime defense to appear in the Washington District Court, Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

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