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There are many instances of cases where convictions have been awarded to the defendant merely because their case has not been presented adequately by their counsel. In some instances, the defendant may have been misled by the counsel. In either case, justice is not done because the defendant has a right to present all the facts in their favor effectively. Connect with our criminal appeals lawyers for Jacksonville, Florida to discuss your petition for post conviction or habeas corpus motion (904) 758-9047.

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To address these gaps in the legal system, defendants are allowed to take recourse via post- conviction relief claims. As the name suggests, these claims are made after the sentence has been passed or the defendant has been convicted. A motion for post- conviction relief should be filed within a period of two years after the conviction. These motions can also be filed if new facts that were previously unknown have emerged and they will have an impact on the final judgment awarded. In such cases, the post- conviction relief motion should be made within a period of two years after such critical information has been received. Further, it is necessary to establish that this information was not available at the time of the original trial.  Return to our main Florida post conviction lawyer page.

There are several requirements to satisfy when filing such claims and it is also necessary to present the facts in a clear, and concise manner to increase the chances of a successful claim. Hiring an experienced Jacksonville criminal habeas lawyer is absolutely necessary in such situations because of the invaluable guidance they can offer in educating you about the law, addressing the complexities of the claim and more.

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Jacksonville post-conviction relief may be available if an error was made during the trial or hearing that resulted in an unfair conviction. Our firm focuses on post-conviction work, with attorneys who are experienced in filing post-conviction motions such as 3.800, 3.850, and writs of habeas corpus. Our Jacksonville post-conviction attorneys are here to help you with all aspects of your post-conviction appeal. Call our Jacksonville post-conviction lawyers today at (904) 758-9047 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Our Jacksonville Florida appellate law firm is called upon by clients across Florida and the United States to address some of the most complex issues on appeal. Because appellate litigation can be a complex matter, it’s important that you contact lawyers who focus on all areas of Florida appellate law. The Florida appellate litigation team at Brownstone handles federal and state criminal cases on appeal. Each case is provided a team of appellate attorneys and Florida post-conviction lawyers to ensure the success of each case. We have handled hundreds of criminal appeals in Florida and motions for post-conviction relief for both businesses and individuals. Brownstone’s appellate experienced is founded on the belief that seasoned training and experience are second to none. The background of our criminal appellate litigation team rivals any in the country. Our Jacksonville post-conviction relief lawyers and law firm focuses on criminal post-conviction matters and appeals of criminal cases.

Post Conviction Lawyers In Jacksonville

3.850 Motion for Post Conviction Relief in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Florida criminal defense attorneys at Brownstone, PA have extensive experience at every step of a criminal defense case, from pre-trial motions to appeals and the post-conviction phases of a case that has lost in the court of appeals. Contact us if you need an attorney experienced in post-conviction matters. We often file motions under Rule 3.850, motions for ineffective counsel. It may be possible through the application of these rules to take your cases back to trial court to raise additional grounds that you failed to raise in your appeal, such as:


Exercising Your Right to a Federal Criminal Appeal In Jacksonville

If you’ve been unfairly convicted of a crime, offering your innocence might be challenging. For this purpose, getting in touch with experienced Jacksonville lawyers, like the ones at the Brownstone Law firm will be your best defense.  Appeals from Jacksonville proceed to the Florida First District Court of Appeals.

It is important to note that there is a significant difference between State and Federal Appellate court legal systems. The judge’s role is not to examine new evidence but to to assess is to ascertain whether or not your previous case adhered to proper court procedures. You need to contact Brownstone Law for a free consultation to discuss your case. Our Jacksonville post-conviction attorneys know the inside workings of the appellate court system and know what it takes to get a case before the judge. Protect your rights to be heard by hiring a lawyer that will represent your case properly and assure you that you have the years of experience to guide you.  You can obtain a form 3.850 motion for post conviction relief in Florida:  FORM Florida Motion for Post Conviction Relief 3.850

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