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Federal Post-Conviction 2255 Writs Maine

Maine Federal Post-Conviction Criminal Lawyers

A Maine post-conviction crime lawyer at Brownstone will dedicate himself or herself to giving you the best chance at winning your criminal writ of habeas corpus or petition. We offer free initial consultations with our federal post-conviction attorneys and a flat rate, as opposed to hourly charges. Additionally, we make ourselves available during the week with normal business hours and even on the weekends, by appointment. We also offer interpretation services should you need them. Contact us at 888-233-8895.

You can decide to appeal a given ruling in case of excessive sentencing or as a result of newly discovered evidence. Defendants also have a right to appeal in cases where the judge misapplied rules of civil or criminal procedure. It is also possible to appeal in case of incorrect verdicts, unfair trials or the jury instructions were wrong.

Contact Robert Sirianni appellate lawyer to discuss your federal criminal writ.

Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyers in Maine

Every state has different appeals procedures and there are also differences between State and Federal Appellate court legal systems. The judge’s role remains constant and that is to ascertain whether or not a reversal ruling is necessary. The judge will be looking for errors in the previous trials procedures where your rights have not been protected. Brownstone Law, with its many years of appeals experience will be there to aide you in this process. You consultation is free and an attorney specializing in your area of law will be available to guide you on your appeal.

United States Supreme Court

In any civil or criminal trial errors can occur. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your trial, you are entitled to appeal to a higher court requesting a review of what transpired in the trial. If you believe that your rights have been violated or due process failed you, our highly skilled Maine post-conviction appeals attorneys can help. While you might be tempted to maintain counsel during an appeal from your trial attorney, it is often beneficial to seek an appeal lawyer that will review your case with a fresh perspective.

Brownstone, P.A. is a leading law firm focused in federal criminal appeals and civil appeals. We represent clients in Maine and across the nation in cases such as divorce and custody appeals, EPA appeals, drug trafficking appeals, white-collar crimes, racketeering, and all other areas spanning the spectrum of civil and criminal law. Our Maine post-conviction criminal lawyers provide legal counsel for individuals, small business, and corporations, as well as co-counsel to trial attorneys.  Contact the Portland Maine US District Court to see more about the docket.

Our diverse federal criminal lawyers are an extensively knowledgeable team that provides superior legal counsel in appeal cases. Appellate law is complex and ever changing. Therefore, appellate attorneys must possess exceptional research and communication skills to attain success. Our law firm maintains a reputation of utilizing innovative approaches, devising meticulous written briefs, and engaging in compelling and masterful oral arguments.

As passionate Maine post-conviction crime attorneys, our team is dedicated to defending the rights of our clients. We can seek to:


If the result of your trial is undesirable due to ineffective legal counsel, errors in due process, or unreasonable sentencing, exercise your right to appeal. We are highly experienced in navigating constitutional laws of Habeas Corpus U.S.C. 2254 for criminal writs and U.S.C. law 2241 for federal criminal appeals.