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Baltimore Maryland Federal Post Conviction Attorneys

Baltimore Maryland Federal Post Conviction Attorneys

The Maryland habeas corpus attorneys at the Brownstone law firm know that not every trial ends as expected and that an individual who was convicted of a federal crime wishes to battle the sentence and conviction within a higher appeals court. As a loved one or you have unexpectedly been awarded an excessive sentence, or convicted of a federal crime, the federal attorneys at our law firm do understand that the court proceedings aren’t complete, and stand prepared to aid you in your goal to overturn that sentence and conviction.

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Maryland Criminal Federal Lawyers

Criminal writs under 2255 or 2254 in Maryland federal courts differ from trials. As a case is on appeal, Maryland Post-Conviction Lawyers search to prove that a trial court committed a mistake which is significant enough to award the requested relief, whether it be a new court trial, re-sentencing, or complete custody discharge. The manner with which relief is searched for can substantially vary from one case to another. In some cases, for example, the government’s case might need to be assessed in total in order for the federal appellate court to prove that it did not make out the charges against a defendant. In additional cases, one improper evidentiary ruling by a trial judge may be adequate for a verdict overturning. Return to our main federal 2255 writs page to read more.


It isn’t shocking that with such different rules and procedures, clients, as well as their loved ones, will seek Maryland Supreme Court appeal lawyers that have the required knowledge to correctly brief, file, and argue a client’s appeal, as well as substantial expertise in appeals matters. The Maryland Supreme Court appeal attorneys at Brownstone successfully have dealt with hundreds of appeals matters in Maryland’s federal courts.

Baltimore Maryland Federal Post-Conviction Attorneys

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, the U.S. law just allows you a specific quantity of time to search for relief from the appellate courts. It’s critical that you get in touch with a knowledgeable Maryland Supreme Court appeals attorney right away to talk over the potential course of action to strive to overturn a conviction.

In order to learn more regarding post-conviction and habeas appeals or to schedule a private consultation, contact one of the top Supreme Court law firms today!

Understanding Maryland Post-Conviction Federal Writs

Post-Conviction appeals include the process at which a lower court decision is usually evaluated by a higher court. Appeals are legal arguments; the higher court is going to determine whether or not the lower court made a mistake in its interpretation and application of the law. A higher court also will assess whether or not the judgment of a lower court was correct in light of the proof introduced during trial. No new proof will be admitted in Maryland Federal criminal appeals unless there are certain exceptional circumstances. In this instance, employing skilled Maryland post-conviction appeals lawyers is one of the determining issues in the success of a case. Contact a Maryland Federal Post Conviction Lawyers today for a free consultation to discuss your criminal or petition for habeas corpus at 888-233-8895.

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