Massachusetts Post-Conviction Attorneys

Massachusetts Post-Conviction Attorneys

Federal Post-Conviction Relief  Massachusetts

Not every conviction or ruling can be overturned through an writ of habeas corpus in Massachusetts. If this is the case, Massachusetts federal post-conviction relief could be the final opportunity you have to set the record straight. The writ of habeas corpus gives you the chance to challenge the consequences, restraints, and results of your case. Since post-conviction relief and the writs of habeas corpus are a complex area of the law, it’s critical to work with a team focused on your rights and reputation.

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Federal Habeas Corpus Criminal Attorneys Massachusetts

At Brownstone Law, our attorneys understand the details of post-conviction relief and habeas corpus. We work diligently to discover new evidence or procedural errors that legally justify an appeal or Massachusetts motion for post-conviction relief. So what is required for a habeas corpus petition in Massachusetts Federal District Court for the United States? Once you’ve exhausted your other opportunities through federal appeal, there are many grounds for habeas corpus which include:


The timing of a habeas corpus petition is of the utmost importance, as there’s a limited window of opportunity for the petition to be made. By working with Brownstone, you can rest assured that our attorneys follow all the procedural requirements to protect your freedom and rights.

Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the writs of habeas corpus may be filed in state and Massachusetts federal courts. To protect your rights and reputation, unlawful or unjustified convictions must be overturned. Contact the attorneys of Brownstone Law today.

To learn more about our federal habeas corpus and Massachusetts post-conviction relief in New Bedford, Boston, Springfield, and Cambridge, Massachusetts contact us. We will go over all aspects of your case during a free consultation, leaving no topic uncovered. Allow us to help you get the result you desire. Call (617) 963-0898 to speak to one of our experienced appellate attorneys.

Massachusetts federal criminal defense lawyers

Post-Conviction Writs Federal Courts in Massachusetts

Our post-conviction relief attorneys stand out for their years of experience in successful federal appeals processing, excellence in performance in the appellate court arena and their well-practiced understanding of the appellate court procedures. Brownstone Law is the firm you need to contact if you need to file an appeal. They will protect your rights.

Grounds on which we appeal cases on behalf of our defendants include unconstitutional or excessive verdicts, abuses of discretion by the trial court, misapplication of the rules of civil or criminal procedure and ineffective trial counsel. Our post-conviction lawyers are confident they can help you because of the many instances that they have managed to overturn convictions, have reduced sentences or secure new trials for the clients.

The Massachusetts federal post-conviction relief lawyers at Brownstone include members of the prestigious order of the coif and former prosecutors. Contact a Post-Conviction lawyer in Boston Massachusetts at (617) 963-0898  to schedule your free initial consultation with our attorneys at (617) 963-0898.

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