Federal Post-Conviction Relief In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Federal Post-Conviction Habeas Corpus Writs

For many clients, a motion for post-conviction relief or habeas corpus is the final opportunity that they have to set the record straight. At Brownstone Law, we work vigorously to fight for your rights, freedom, and reputation and ensure that all fairness of the law is applied. Our attorneys have years of experience in helping countless clients navigate through this complex area of law in Pennsylvania. The writs of habeas corpus can be filed in both the Pennsylvania state and federal court.

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When it comes to post-trial motions, these generally include:


At Brownstone Law, we understand the specific rules and procedures that apply to the various post-trial motions. There are many steps to ensure that the post-trial motion is legitimate and worthy of consideration. When you decide to work with Brownstone, you can ensure that the most persuasive and professional attorneys are on your side to restore your reputation, freedom, and rights.

But don’t wait to secure your legal defense. The timeline for the writs of habeas corpus is limited after a conviction. Contact Brownstone’s Philadelphia Pennsylvania Post-Conviction Relief attorneys today at (215) 274-0369.  Our federal crime attorneys handles cases in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Federal Criminal Habeas Corpus Petitions Pennsylvania

Our attorneys present federal criminal appeals in Pennsylvania for clients facing criminal convictions in the state of Pennsylvania. Brownstone lawyers brief post-judgment motions and habeas corpus petitions. The appeal judges in the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals will determine whether the lower court committed errors of law or errors of fact, and whether the jury verdict should be overturned.

Our Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys handle drug appeals, drug trafficking, medical marijuana, and appeals of both felony and misdemeanor cases. Brownstone criminal defense post conviction attorneys will review your transcripts, identify the issues on writ of habeas corpus, and determine if the court should have reduced a sentence or granted a motion to dismiss or motion to suppress. We also file federal criminal appeals to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

At Brownstone, we focus on civil and criminal case appeals at state and federal courts. Years of experience and dedication from our federal post conviction crime attorneys makes our law firm more then qualified to handle your appeal. We give our corporate and individual clients the right legal advice as well as representation in the Supreme Court. Our law firm is dedicated to appeals at state and federal courts across the state of Pennsylvania in cities including but not limited to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The fact that our law firm is licensed in all the federal courts in this country means that we can represent our Pennsylvania clients in all the other states. Contact our Post-Conviction Relief lawyers today.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers

Members of the legal fraternity can attest to the fact that the writ or post conviction federal process at the Supreme Court is complex and requires lawyers with a deep knowledge of the federal rules of federal criminal procedure. In order to effectively represent our clients on writs we occasionally work with the trial counsel. Our federal criminal appellate attorneys are also highly skilled in preparing detailed briefs and writs so as to ensure we present a strong appeal.  The law firm is lead by lead appellate attorney Robert Sirianni.

Federal Post-Conviction Relief In Pennsylvania

Our federal criminal attorneys are the some of the most experienced in US because of the wide range of civil and criminal cases that we handle. These cases include copyright infringement appeals, insurance fraud, false medical claims, child custody, property ownership, shareholder disputes, business litigation, federal deportation, white collar crimes and family disputes. We also handle Supreme Court appeals such filing motions for post-conviction relief, motions to withdraw plea, pardons, clemency and motions to reduce sentence. Contact our Post-Conviction Appeals attorneys today. Under US laws, writs can be filed under state court defendants (2254), federal prisoners (2255) and successive petitions or newly discovered evidence (2241). Our appeals lawyers normally do thorough legal research so as to ensure that our writs are strong. We are also experienced in filing habeas corpus in cases where the defendant has exhausted all the appeal remedies. Our Pennsylvania federal crime lawyers attorneys are devoted to having our clients’ sentences reduced or they be given a new trial. We also strive to ensure that our clients are acquitted in cases of newly discovered evidence.  Connect with the federal criminal attorney in Pennsylvania to discuss your federal post conviction writ of habeas corpus at  (215) 274-0369.