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Federal Appeals Lawyers in North Dakota

South Dakota Federal Habeas Corpus Writs

If you’ve been involved in a civil or criminal case that did not end favorably, the federal writ of habeas corpus attorneys at Brownstone Law are here to help with post-conviction writs. Appellate litigation is often a more complex process than traditional trial litigation; this means that hiring the right attorney for the job is essential. Because our appellate attorneys specialize in appellate litigation, you can be ensured that your needs are taken care of throughout your writ. Our South Dakota post-conviction crime Attorneys work diligently to obtain the necessary facts and documents to create a strong and compelling argument in the court of law. Our appellate law firm handles a variety of criminal and civil cases including but not limited to criminal defense, environmental law, medical marijuana, white collar crime, family law, post-conviction relief, DUI and drug appeals, and more. Contact our South Dakota Federal Post-Conviction Writs Attorneys today at 1-888-233-8895 to schedule a free initial consultation.

South Dakota Federal Post Conviction Attorneys

If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime in Sioux Falls South Dakota, the experienced Sioux Falls post conviction lawyers at Brownstone Law are here to help you get your name, reputation, and life back. Brownstone Law is strictly an appellate law firm specializing in habeas corpus writs. Because our firm focuses solely on motion for post conviction under 2255 or 2254, we are able to staff ourselves with a team of experienced federal criminal attorneys. Our federal crime defense lawyers pride themselves on committing fully to each and every writ. Their work ethic is second to none and the professionalism with which they approach each case is impeccable. Contact our South Dakota post-conviction writs attorneys today for a free consultation.

South Dakota Federal Crime Lawyer

The complex nature and strict deadlines involved in Supreme Court appeals makes it absolutely necessary that defendants are represented by experienced appellate attorneys. At Brownstone, we have appellate lawyers with years of experience in representing clients on civil and criminal case appeals. Proof of our expertise can be seen from the fact that we have so many clients in the state of South Dakota as well as the other states in this country. Our appeals lawyers are highly skilled on the federal rules of appellate procedure and process. This means that defendants have a higher probability of winning cases through us than through other South Dakota habeas corpus lawyers.

When you stop to consider your recent legal experience, are you struck by a deep sense of injustice? Do you worry that the judge’s verdict is final? There is no need for these fatalistic thoughts. The South Dakota justice system has controls in place to ensure that you will not be negatively affected by wrongful justice. Our South Dakota Post-Conviction Appeals Attorneys are here to help you navigate the process.


Our South Dakota post-conviction Appeals lawyers file 3.850 Motions for post-conviction relief. The South Dakota criminal defense attorneys at Brownstone, PA have extensive experience at every step of a criminal defense case, including federal post-conviction, federal criminal appeals, pretrial motions, to trial, to appeals, to the post-conviction phases of a case that has lost in the Court of Appeals. Post-conviction litigation is a unique legal area that requires an attorney who specializes in appellate litigation.

There are several areas of post-conviction relief that our attorneys can assist you with, including but not limited to:


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