Federal Post-Conviction Lawyer In Wisconsin

Federal Post-Conviction Lawyer In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Federal Post-Conviction Lawyers

Wisconsin post-conviction lawyers are the champions in the field of federal criminal defense litigation in criminal and post-conviction cases in the State of Wisconsin. They handle habeas corpus, fraud, employment compensation, tax cases, property, custody, divorce, alimony, business litigation, commercial disputes, juvenile cases, and many other cases. They are experienced federal c crime litigation attorneys in Wisconsin because of their broad range of experience in rendering post conviction legal services therein. Contact our Wisconsin federal post-conviction lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895.  Our federal criminal attorney handle cases in Milwaukee, Madison, Greenbay and Kenosha.

Contact our federal criminal attorneys in Milwaukee Wisconsin at 888-233-8895.

Federal defense of cases is the main practice of the federal appellate lawyers of Brownstone. They are the most trusted federal criminal defense lawyers in the nation because of their focus and drive to win as manifested in the manner they prepare their convincing writs and briefs and persuasive oral arguments. They feel the desire of their clients to obtain reversal of judgment or attain the best possible post-conviction reliefs, the reason why they work so hard and perform their job with so much dedication and passion.

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Wisconsin Federal Post Conviction Law Firm

With Brownstone federal appellate lawyers, you will never go wrong with your writ and habeas corpus petition. Appealing a case to the Court of Appeals or in the Supreme Court involves a complex and tedious process that the expertise of our federal crime attorneys in Wisconsin is what you need. They are able to appear in the appellate courts across the United States and possess the extensive knowledge of the laws and jurisprudence governing the State of Wisconsin. When you are ready to get your life back on track following a conviction or sentence that was unfair, our appeal attorneys are here to help. We determine what mistakes and injustices were made during your trial and will appeal your case in court. If you wish to speak to our Wisconsin post-conviction lawyers or for inquiries about the review of your case and to set a schedule for an appointment call us.

Federal Habeas Corpus Writs and Petitions in Wisconsin

We developed an insight into how trial courts render their decisions and how those decisions are analyzed on appeal. We litigate section 2255 petitions and 2254 writs in federal courts nationwide, in cases covering numerous areas of law and policy, including but not limited to – RICO, white collar, contracts, insurance, torts, securities, employment, antitrust appeals and habeas corpus. We ask appellate courts to correct matters of law in various complex fields of law. Petitions are normally filed in Wisconsin Federal District Courts. We also provide strategic advice to our clients on potential appellate issues, even during the lower court trial stages. Our lawyers also appear before the United States Supreme Court.

We are also familiar with the procedure of filing motions at the Supreme Court such as motion of habeas corpus, motion for post-conviction relief, motion to vacate conviction and motion to withdraw plea. A successful federal writ of habeas corpus process may result in reduced sentence or even exoneration in case of newly discovered evidence. The appellate court may also order a new trial in case the trial court made legal mistakes or abuses of discretion.

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