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The court of appeals in Gainesville Florida operates by following the principals of law and procedures specific to the Florida criminal court of appeals and Florida rules of civil procedure. Its procedures are well documented but very complex. You need representation in order to make sure your rights to proper procedure during your trial or pre-trial were correctly exercised. Brownstone Law has appeal lawyers tin Gainesville Florida that are equipped to handle criminal and civil appeals and who can help you get your case heard before an appellate judge. Call us today at 1-888-233-8895 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Our attorneys may handle civil appeals, Florida post-conviction relief, and federal appeals. Our appeals attorneys can also handle cases throughout the state, in cities that include:

Gainesville Florida Appeal Lawyers

Appellate Law Firm in Gainesville Florida

Once your case is over at the trial court you have a right to appeal your conviction and sentence. Do not delay. The time period to appeal is running. Effective appellate representation in these cases often requires dealing with the legal issues that arise in these cases and finding solutions to argue on appeal.

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Call Brownstone Law today and learn about what your options are for your ruling. Do not let your statute of limitations run out on your appeal. Speak to an appeals attorney at Brownstone Law today to get your appeal started. Keep your rights protected and team up with Florida appeals lawyers who understand what it takes to get the job done. You will be glad you made the call.

Federal criminal appellate lawyers have a wide variety of responsibilities and duties. Brownstone lawyers take their multi-fold responsibilities to heart. They know that no two appeals cases are the same (even if they have similar approaches/file similar petitions). Your appeal may be for a reduced sentence, review of the case or new trial. You and your federal attorney will work together to determine the best approach for your appeal.

When you hire a Brownstone lawyer, you get to be as involved in your appeal as you desire. Our Florida criminal appeals lawyers believe in keeping clients informed of all developments in their case. Your federal lawyer will go over legal precedents, strategic options and more to help you understand the best way to approach your case. Appeals in Gainesville proceed through the Alachua County Appellate Courts.

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Brownstone is a premier law firm focusing on federal appeals before the U.S. Courts, including the Eleventh Circuit and Supreme Court of the United States. We offer a team of highly skilled appeals attorneys in Gainesville Florida with exceptional services to our clients in Florida. The success of our clients is the core purpose of our firm. We work diligently to provide every client with the services they deserve.

The Northern District of Florida has a Gainesville Courthouse. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida is located at 401 SE 1st Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601.

Our Florida appellate attorneys ensure that the details of your case are obtained in order to build a solid winning strategy for your case.

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Our criminal appeals attorneys in Florida are called upon by Florida’s individuals to represent their interests on appeal in cases involving, criminal prosecution in state and federal courts. Our Gaineville appeal lawyers also handle federal crime appeals in healthcare fraud and white collar crime. We have a vast experience in bringing superior appeal services to all of our clients. The attorneys at Brownstone Law are also familiar and experienced with United States Supreme Court rules and procedures and represent clients in every federal appellate courts in Florida.

Criminal Appeal Lawyers in Gainesville Florida

The judicial system has only one purpose and that is to make sure that justice is served. However, things often go very wrong and as a result, innocent people are convicted of crimes they had nothing to do with. That is when an appellate law firm like Brownstone Law has to step in and make sure that justice is served and the wrongly convicted individual has his/her name cleared.

The constitution allows wrongly convicted individuals to fight for their innocence by providing them with the right to file an appeal. But, filing an appeal is a fairly cumbersome task, which requires assistance from qualified and skilled appeals lawyer. Our firm also handles Florida 3.850 motions for post conviction relief to vacate a sentence or overturn a Florida criminal conviction.

At Brownstone Law, we have some of the most talented appeals lawyers that can be found. Our lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that the justice system functions properly. They understand the needs of every client and put in the effort to make sure that the clients get a fighting chance at the appellate courts.

Just book an appointment with any of our appeal lawyers and they will meet with you to discuss your case. Once the discussion is over, our Gaineville Florida appellate lawyers will work with you to develop an effective brief through proper research and analysis. At the end of it, you will have a very strong chance at seeing the appellate courts’ rule in your favor.

Our appeals lawyers have worked with a wide range of cases from post-conviction criminal appeals to federal appeals. This has given them the right amount of expertise and skill in dealing with

Gainesville Appellate Lawyers

In the many years that our Gainesville appeal lawyers have been practicing law, they have handled hundreds of appeal cases at the Florida Supreme Court. Some of the motions and petitions that we handle include motions of habeas corpus in Gaineville Florida or Alachua County are motions for post-conviction relief, motion to withdraw plea, motion to reduce sentence and petition for writ of certiorari. A motion of habeas corpus is normally the last lifeline for defendants who have utilized all their rights to appeal. We are also highly experienced in the procedure of seeking clemency and pardon in Florida.

If you are a resident of Gainsville Florida, call Brownstone Law immediately to discuss your options with regard to filing an appeal. Our appeal layers are most willing to lend you a helping hand. Make the most of your rights as a citizen.

Gainesville Florida and the appellate courts in Florida have very few law firms that only focus on appeals in different types of law.  When you need to file an direct Florida appeal in Gainesville Florida you need to find an appellate law firm that focuses on appeals. Brownstone Law is a reputable appeals law firm in Florida.  The appeals attorneys at Brownstone Law have years of experience in all areas of the law pertaining to the Appellate Court System in Florida.    They are a professional, persuasive team of criminal appeals attorneys and civil appeals lawyers in Florida with a record of excellence in performance in the Florida Appellate court arena.  They understand the complexities and mechanics of filing a timely appeal on a case.

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Appeals in Florida take the form of family law, civil appeals, environmental law, criminal law, business, land law, medical and the list continues.  With so many types of appeals you need to call Brownstone Law to see how we can help you with your case and how to appeal in Florida.  In speaking with a well versed Florida appeals attorney you will see that your case will be seen before a judge for review.  Call today, the consultation is free.  You have a right to protect your rights within the court system.

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Gainesville Appeal Lawyers