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Appellate Attorneys in Miami Florida

Our Miami appellate lawyers are able to work exclusively on civil and criminal appeals cases and can help you reach your appellate goals. Our appellate lawyers in Miami FL also handle appeals in the Third District Court of Appeals in Florida. We do have the best appeal lawyers in Miami FL who are highly experienced in handling federal appeals in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Miami. Brownstone’s appellate attorneys have the ability to argue appeal cases in state and federal courts across Florida, and are experts in the production of appellate briefs and presenting compelling oral testimony in front of an appeals court. Contact our top appellate lawyers in Miami today for a free consultation at 1-(786) 753-5721. Return to our main Florida Appeal Lawyer page.

Email our lead Florida Appellate Attorney Robert Sirianni to review your case or call (786) 753-5721.

Criminal Appeal Attorneys Miami

Our best appellate lawyers in Miami are the ones that you can count on for any appeals. A legal motion that can be made alongside an appeal is a criminal motion to reduce sentence. The same defendant can make both an appeal and a motion to reduce sentence, so that if the appeal fails, it is still possible that their sentence may be reduced. A motion to reduce sentence must be filed within 60 days of sentencing after a plea or trial. Motions to reduce sentencing can also be used to take people off of parole. Our top appellate lawyers in Miami have the ability to use this motion very successfully. Many of our clients may have their sentences reduced or overturned. Connect with our Miami appellate lawyers for criminal appeals 1-(786) 753-5721.

Miami Appeal Lawyers

Civil Appellate Attorneys Miami

The Miami appellate lawyers of Brownstone Law Firm may also work in the civil courts managing business appeals in Miami, divorce proceedings, custody cases, healthcare litigation, labor law, medical malpractice, white collar crime, environmental law, and foreclosures, federal appeals, and post-conviction relief among other things. Contact us right away if you are considering an appeal in any of these areas, as there is likely a time limit on when an appeal can be filed. Brownstone Law handles all types of appellate cases in Florida. Contact our Orlando appellate law firm.

According to the US statutes, defendants can file for a motion to overturn an earlier conviction on grounds that the verdict was unconstitutional, the trial counsel was ineffective or there is newly discovered evidence. It is also possible to appeal in cases where the trial court made legal mistakes, abuses of discretion or misapplied the rules of civil or criminal procedure.

Call or email our appeal attorneys in Miami Florida at (786) 753-5721.

Since we started practicing appellate law we have successfully represented clients and have briefed cases in every appellate court across the country. You deserve the right to overturn an unfair conviction or sentence, which is why our best appellate lawyers in Miami focus on delivering results that matter. Our Miami appellate lawyers have handled a variety of cases in all areas of civil and criminal law. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your case, and to obtain the necessary facts and documents that help us create a winning argument in the court of law. We also offer our services to defendants who are about to face the clemency and pardons board. The high percentage of cases that we win can be credited to the high quality writs and legal briefs that we present in court.

Call Brownstone’s appellate attorneys in Miami today for your free consultation. We will review your case, covering each detail, to make sure that all options are covered in your fight for justice.

Miami Florida Appellate Law Firm

Appealing your case is your right. Whenever a case ruling seems like something is askew it is best to protect your rights and seek counsel with a qualified appellate attorney miami. Never assume that there is nothing else you can do. Speak to Brownstone Law and let the guidance of seasoned appeal attorneys in Miami Florida guide you. Remember, your initial consultation is free. If there was a flaw in procedure used during your case Brownstone Law will find it. Our appellate lawyers in Miami handle complex criminal and civil cases in Florida courts.

At Brownstone, we focus on Miami federal habeas corpus appeals in federal court. Years of experience and dedication from our appellate attorneys in Miami Florida makes our law firm unique.  Our appeal attorneys in Miami Florida give our corporate and individual clients the best legal advice as well as representation in the Supreme Court. Our law firm is dedicated to appeals in federal courts across the state of Florida in cities including but not limited to Miami and Miami Beach. The fact that our law firm is licensed in all the federal courts in this country means that our appellate attorneys can represent our Miami clients in all the other states. Contact our Miami Post-Conviction Appeals lawyers at 1-(786) 753-5721.

Members of the legal fraternity can attest to the fact that the appeal process at the Supreme Court is complex and requires lawyers with a deep knowledge of the federal rules of appellate procedure. In order to effectively represent our clients on appeals we occasionally work with the trial counsel.  Our appellate attorneys in Miami Florida are also highly skilled in preparing detailed briefs and writs so as to ensure we present a strong appeal. Most appellate cases originate from the Miami-Dade court of appeals and proceed to the Third DCA in Florida.

 Both our civil and criminal appellate attorneys in Miami are experienced because of the wide range of civil and criminal cases that we handle. These cases include copyright infringement appeals, insurance fraud, false medical claims, child custody, property ownership, shareholder disputes, business litigation, federal deportation, white collar crimes and family disputes. We also handle Supreme Court appeals such filing motions for post-conviction relief, motions to withdraw plea, pardons, clemency and motions to reduce sentence. Our appellate lawyers in Miami and Miami Beach.

Brownstone’s Federal Appellate Law Firm in Miami

At the Brownstone Law Office, our Miami Post-Conviction Appeals Attorneys are experts with a committed practice towards Miami civil appeals and Miami criminal appeals. Our firm battles hard during the Miami civil and criminal appeal process in order to provide you the most favorable possible outcome. We utilize skilled crime experts and private investigators in order to prove your innocence. Every matter of Miami writs, civil appeals, and criminal appeals will be handled. The Miami Florida Post-Conviction Appeals lawyers at our law firm handle civil appeals and criminal appeals. We also have experience in Miami post-conviction motions.

Understanding the Appeal process in Miami for your type of case, whether it be a criminal issue, family law issue, immigration, federal crime appeals, environmental issue or any other classification of case is key to overturning a previous ruling to a ruling in your favor. Speak with our experienced appeals attorneys in Miami Florida and let us at Brownstone Law help you get the outcome you deserve. The Miami Post-Conviction Appeals lawyers at our firm strive to represent clients facing a criminal and civil appeal.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Miami Florida

Under United States laws, writs can be filed under state court defendants (2254), federal prisoners (2255) and successive petitions or newly discovered evidence (2241). Our Miami appellate attorneys in Florida normally do thorough legal research so as to ensure that our writs are strong. We are also experienced in filing habeas corpus in cases where the defendant has exhausted all the appeal remedies. Our appeal lawyers in Miami also handle complex criminal appeals before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States.

Our Miami post-conviction appeals attorneys are devoted to having our clients’ sentences reduced or they be given a new trial. We also strive to ensure that our clients are acquitted in cases of newly discovered evidence.

Contact our Miami federal post-conviction appeals attorneys to discuss the details of your case and to schedule a free initial consultation.

We are Experienced Appeal Attorneys in Miami Florida. Contact Brownstone Law at (786) 753-5721. Or email us today.

Nationally recognized for our work in Federal appeals in Miami, BROWNSTONE LAW, handles appeals in every Federal court. 100% Commitment to Federal Appeals  and Miami appellate cases, we will fight every aspect of the case to develop a winning strategy for appeal. Our Miami federal appeal attorneys are a dedicated group of litigators.   Our appellate attorneys in Miami Florida have a nationwide practice with experience in many different areas, including, criminal law and medical malpractice, and health-care fraud.

Court rulings on a civil or criminal court case that do not work in your favor means you need to discover options for appealing your case in Miami, Florida. To make this happen a clear understanding of the Appellate court system is needed to launch an appeal. Appellate law is a narrow field requiring a lawyer who strengths are in the area of making appeals and managing the appeals process. It is important that before you case goes to the judge for review it is properly reviewed and prepared. Contact us at (786) 753-5721.

Blog Post About appeals in Miami Florida

Miami Appeals and Third District Court of Appeals for Florida Case Information

  • International Security Management Group, Inc. v. William Roland

    Miami Florida Appeals. Case No. 3D16-2793 (2018)

    On appeal, ISMG and Acuna raise the following issues: (i) a new trial is required on the intentional tort claims because the trial court abused its discretion by submitting an erroneous jury instruction that omitted the requested shared interest qualified privilege defense; (ii) a new trial is further required on the intentional tort claims because the trial court abused its discretion in admitting improper evidence during trial; (iii) a directed verdict should have been granted on the negligence claims; and (iv) the trial court erred in denying a motion for new trial based on improper closing arguments made by the Rollands’ counsel. Additionally, the Rollands cross-appeal the trial court’s denial of their motion for leave to amend their complaint to state a claim for punitive damages against ISMG. Read more about this Florida appeal in Miami Florida Third District Court: Miami Florida Civil Appeals

Choctawhatchee v. Graham

Case No. SC-11-1830

The Florida Supreme Court reviewed a decision of the Florida Public Service Commission (the Commission) relating to the service of a public utility providing electric service. We have jurisdiction. The Commission settled a territorial dispute between two utilities: appellant Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CHELCO), and appellee Gulf Power Company (Gulf Power). CHELCO and Gulf Power each sought the right to provide electric service for Freedom Walk, a proposed multi-purpose development located in Okaloosa County. The Commission awarded Gulf Power the right to serve Freedom Walk.

Read more about this Florida Supreme Court Civil appeal here: Supreme Court Appeal – CHOCTAWHATCHEE Electric v. Art Graham


Salazar v. Coello

Case No. 12-0335

The Third District Court of Appeal in Florida reviewed the issue regarding notice of intent to sue. Simply, the issue in this appeal is: does the Section 766.106(3)(a) 90-day tolling of the statute of limitations, effective upon receipt of a notice of intent to initiate litigation, toll the statute of limitations only as to the defendant receiving the notice, or does it also toll the statute of limitations for ninety days as to other likely defendants, known to the claimant but who have yet to be served with a notice of intent to initiate litigation? If the tolling is not effective as to the other likely defendants, then the notices of intent sent to the Appellees were untimely. However, if the 90-day tolling applied to other possible defendants, then Salazar’s notices to the Appellees were timely.

Read more about this Third District Court of Appeal for Florida Civil appeal here: Third District Court of Appeal – Civil Appeal in Salazar v. Coello

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