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When a person is facing criminal charges in Hollywood Florida they need to contact a lawyer right away. The Hollywood Florida appeals attorneys can help a person get the defense they need and keep their lives from being ruined by these charges. Return to our main Florida appellate law firm page to read more about our appeals in Florida. They can also contact these lawyers to post an appeal and show that their original conviction was flawed.


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Hollywood Appeals Attorneys

The attorneys at Brownstone Law have years of experience in appellate and will focus on appeals at the state and the federal level. They will work hard to help a client change their conviction or appeal a decision from a lower court. The lawyer will be able to work with the client and they will look at their case. They will also find out all of the information about the first case and what happened. They will go over all the facts and find grounds for a successful appealing. They need to learn all of the details even the fine details about the case. Appellate attorneys in Hollywood Florida will then look at the case and find laws that apply to it that may not have been viewed before. They will do their research on this case and similar cases. This will give them grounds to have a successful appeal. This research will help them find a convincing argument to present in from of the appellate judges. We aim to provide the best possible chance of winning the argument on appeal. They will be able to show the judges a legal mistake that was made during the trail or any wrong instructions about the cast that was given to the jury.


Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Hollywood Florida

When a person contacts an appellate lawyer they will meet with the client and go over the details of the case. They will also talk about the different options for appeal. There are a number of cases that these lawyers will work on for appealing including fraud, drug trafficking, business law issues, HUD appeals, and trade commission appeals. Our firm handles appeals across Florida and in Central Florida near Orlando. They will work to help a client get a new trial, to have the case thrown out, or have a sentence reduced. These lawyers are able to handle cases in both the civil and the top levels of criminal appellate courts.


Hollywood Florida appeals attorneys


Federal Appeals Hollywood Florida

The lawyers at this firm will be able to handle federal appellate cases. They will give the cases as much attention as they will at the state level. These lawyers will use their skills to help the case while making sure they are following federal guidelines. There are special regulations for cases involving illegal drugs on the federal level and the lawyer will have the knowledge to handle this. There are additional laws for prosecuting people with these charges on a federal level. If the previous council was ineffective these lawyers can take over and pick up where the mistakes were made. The lawyers know all the regulations and laws when it comes to drug charges in the state of Florida. They know all the acts and will know how to appeal this type of case. They will make sure their appeal has a solid legal basis behind it. They will make sure all of the forms for the appeal are filed correctly and in a timely manner.


Criminal Appeal Court

In Florida, the lawyers have worked criminal appeal courts and know what types of cases fall under this category in law. They have been trained to look for faults in the original case and anything that have may violate their client’s rights. There are some common factors that they will look for. They will look at the ruling on the judge and see if any errors were made. There could have been something left out that could have benefited their client but was not allowed by the judge. If evidence was left out this is the ground for an appeal and they will make sure that this evidence is heard in the courtroom. Judges are well respected but just like every other human, they make mistakes. The Criminal appeals lawyers Hollywood Florida will use this as the ground for an appeal. They will take the case to the state level and if they are not granted a new trial they will continue to get the case heard in federal court. There are some things that can happen at this time. The client may be granted a new trial and new evidence may be introduced. At this time the client may be acquitted. The lawyer will also fight to make sure any evidence that was improperly allowed in the first trail will not be allowed in the appeal.


Appellate Lawyers

The appellate lawyers Hollywood Florida that work at this firm, as well as all of the legal staff, are experiencing working in the field of law. They have the education needed and all of the qualifications including a current law license and successful completion of the Bar Exam. The legal team has experience in working as law clerks, some members were former prosecutors, there are legal researchers, and there are members of the Order of Cofi. Appellate lawyers Hollywood Florida have worked on numerous appeal cases in both the criminal and the civil courts. They will know what to look for in the legal case to have a successful appeal. They will look for any legal mistakes and missing evidence from the case. They will completely review a case to make sure they have a strong argument before bringing it to the appeal court. When the appeal case is brought to the prosecutor’s office they can choose to move forward to a new trial or dismiss the case if there is new evidence or evidence was withheld from the first trial. A successful appeal can reverse a conviction and a person needs a lawyer they can trust for their new defense.

When a person is facing a conviction and a sentence at the state or federal level they should contact an appellate lawyers Hollywood Florida. These lawyers have to experience finding errors and legal mistakes in the original trial and they will make sure that their client’s right to appeal their conviction are met and they are given a fair trial.


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