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At Brownstone’s Winter Garden based firm, we succeed when you succeed. This means that our appeal lawyers work hard to help you, whether your case is in the criminal or civil courts. We are a dedicated appeals firm, prosecuting and defending civil cases, along with defending criminal cases. We can also help you with cases involving juveniles who wish to appeal a delinquency case. We are experts in our field who have argued hundreds of cases to state and federal courts. We are known for our high quality research and writing skills and particular competency in forming convincing oral arguments in the courtroom. Call our Winter Garden appeal attorneys.

Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Winter Garden

Brownstone’s Winter Garden Florida appeal attorneys have had significant successes in their criminal appeals. Many of our clients have had their convictions reversed or reduced. We also specialize in writs of habeas corpus. Juvenile appeals follow the same requirements as criminal appeals. Juveniles may appeal disposition orders or statutory commitments, as well as orders on motions filed after delinquency hearings, illegal dispositions or any other final order. Our Winter Garden appeal attorneys can help with juvenile appeals within the criminal system.

Winter Garden Appeals Lawyers

Winter Garden Appeal Attorneys

When it comes to civil cases, our lawyers have experience arguing around labor law, business law, environmental law, healthcare, foreclosures, white-collar crime, antitrust litigation and more. Our Winter Garden appeal attorneys have argued in the Florida State Supreme Court as well as the United States Supreme Court. We are passionate about what we do, and it is that passion that helps us work hard for you. Our Florida appellate law firm also handle federal appeals before the Eleventh Circuit Court.

Contact Brownstone’s Winter Garden appeal attorneys today for your free initial consultation. Let us tell you how we can help. At Brownstone, we do most of our work for a flat fee and will help you devise a payment plan. Our work is client centered. Let us help you.

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Experienced Appeals Lawyers in Winter Garden

Though there is no such a perfect definition of white collar crime, the phrase can be used to refer to the crimes that are mostly related to financial matters. They may include computer crimes, fraud, bribery, pension fund crimes, security fraud, bankruptcy fraud, identity theft, consumer fraud, financial fraud, forgery, and medical crimes among others. In most cases, white collar crimes go unnoticed as they are usually committed using paperwork and computers; however, these crimes are punishable by law and may lead to restitution or prison if the defendant is found guilty. In case you are charged with white collar crimes, it is essential to seek the services of a reputable white collar attorney to help you out.  The Ninth Judicial Circuit is located in Orange County Florida and handles the appeals from Winter Garden.

Contact our Winter Garden appeal attorneys today. Whether you are facing any of these criminal charges or the charges have been brought against you, qualified Winter Garden financial criminal attorneys can assist with a wide range of tasks. First, they can assist to cope with the difficult circumstances by giving the best advice and legal solutions. White collar attorneys can help come up with a strong defensive strategy that increases your chances of winning the case. In other situations, white collar crime attorneys can even resolve the case before it is presented for trial in a court house. If possible, the attorney may look for alternatives to serving time in prison. In extreme cases, a plea agreement may be adopted, where you have to plead guilty for a lesser charge so that the serious charges will be dropped.

Winter Garden Appeals Lawyers

As an American citizen, did you know that you could appeal a trial court’s ruling against you? Well, if you didn’t, you’d be happy to know that you can. You have that right provided to you by the U.S constitution. The right to appeal a court’s ruling has been provided because the cold hard truth at the end of the day is that the legal system is flawed.

Many innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit and are unfairly punished with the harshest consequences. However, Brownstone Law has always been there to help such people. We offer our services to them with the intention of delivering the best results. After all, that’s what makes us one of the most experienced appellate law firms in the country. Connect with our Winter Garden Florida appeals lawyers today.

Filing an appeal can be a complex process. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as Brownstone Law offers some of the best appeals lawyers who are more than willing to guide you in the matters of appellate laws. Our appeals lawyers work day in and day out to help several clients find justice and receive a second opportunity to prove their innocence.  Contact us for Florida post conviction motions as well.

They have handled almost every type of appeal in the past, which has allowed them to gain a high level of expertise and skill in working with the appellate courts and their respective authorities. Plus, handling a wide range of clients with unique cases has made them much more understanding of a client’s needs. At the end of the day, Brownstone’s appeals lawyers walk in to the appellate courts not as average lawyers, but as experts who know the intricacies of the legal system.

The result being that Brownstone’s clients will have a significantly high chance of finding favor in the eyes of the judges.

If you are a resident of Winter Garden who needs help with filing appeals, please contact or call Brownstone’s appeals lawyers at 1-888-233-8895.

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