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Appeal Attorneys in Macon Georgia

At Brownstone, our Macon appeal lawyers handle many criminal cases on appeal and similar post-conviction matters. Our dedicated team of Georgia appellate lawyers works with each client to understand your case and situation so that we can best pursue motions for post-conviction relief. Call our Macon appeals lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895.

Appeal from a final judgment is a matter of right. But this right if not exercised within the prescribed period will be lost and your right to question the erroneous judgment of the lower court is barred by prescription. Even if your appeal was timely filed but was not fully defended in the pleadings and during oral arguments by your incompetent appeal lawyer, it is as if you have not filed an appeal on time yet you spent an enormous amount of money. Connect with our appeals attorneys in Macon Georgia today by completing the contact form.

Don’t be fooled by the promotions of lawyers claiming as the best. Trust Brownstone’s Georgia appellate lawyers, all of whom have undergone intensified studies about Georgia laws and jurisprudence which govern the actual appellate practice of our appellate lawyers in Georgia. They have a vast knowledge of the Georgia civil and criminal code. Return to our Georgia appeal lawyer page.

Macon GA Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Our appeal attorneys are experienced at handling appeals cases at both the state and the Georgia appellate level. Whether you are seeking help with the writs of habeas corpus, misdemeanor appeals, felony appeals, or another post-conviction matter, our attorneys have the experience needed to represent your interests and rights.

As an appellate law firm focused on criminal appeals and post-conviction relief cases, we have the expertise to handle any appeals case no matter how complex.

Appeal Attorneys in Macon Georgia

Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Macon Georgia

Appeal attorneys have a different set of skills from trial lawyers, ensuring that your constitutional rights to a fair trial are truly implemented. We will review your case to ensure that your interests and reputation are protected. Our Macon appeals lawyers’s main goal is to provide aggressive appellate counsel before every court of appeal in the nation. We are in a position to maximize our clients’ chances of winning the argument on appeal and we take pride in being 100% dedicated to appeals across the nation and in Georgia.

From writs of habeas corpus to felony appeals, our appeal attorneys are well versed in the essential areas of appellate practice in order to improve the chances of your appeal. Interested in learning more about appeals attorneys for your case? Then contact our Macon appeal lawyers today for your consultation at 1-888-233-8895.

Experienced Macon Georgia Appellate Law Firm

Our Macon appeal lawyers will provide you with a thorough understanding of the factors involved in a criminal appeal, as well as an initial assessment of the issues that pertain to your case specifically. We will provide you with all the expectations you need prior to filing an appeal. Timelines are very strict and require immediate attention to be considered. After a conviction, you must file your appeal within a certain amount of time or waive your rights to this legal proceeding.  Most appeals take place in the Macon Georgia Appellate Courts.

There is a 10-day window to file a Notice of Appeal with the US Court of Appeals. This rule also applies in the court in Georgia. The Georgia notice of appeal must be drafted and filed within a certain amount of time. Call our Macon Appeal Lawyers today. 1-888-233-8895

Your case does not have to end after the trial ends. It may be possible to appeal a Georgia civil or Georgia criminal order, decision, or trial in Georgia and after the judgment. At the law office of BROWNSTONE, P.A., our appeals attorneys in Georgia can help with any appeal.

We are able to handle probate appeals in state court, federal court and the Georgia Supreme Court.

To schedule a meeting with a Georgia appeals attorney, email us or call (888) 233-8895.

We are able to represent you in any type of probate appeal. We can handle the following types of appeal cases in Georgia:

  • Federal appellate litigation
  • Criminal appeals in Georgia
  • Civil Appeals
  • Federal crime appeals in Georgia federal district courts

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