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When you file a lawsuit and lose the case, you have the right to appeal the decision to the next court, which is called the appellate court. To win such a case, you will have to hire an appellate lawyer Aurora. Appellate lawyers are usually skilled in arguing appeals. That is, they can either argue against why the decision made by the lower court was wrong or why it was right. Return to our main Illinois appeals lawyer page.

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Hiring Aurora Illinois appeals lawyers improves your odds of winning the case since these are professionals that understand the specifics of appeals and rules that govern them. At times, even when the law is on your side, you could lose an appeal if you don’t hire a skilled criminal appeals Attorney Aurora Illinois.

Are you having doubts about hiring a criminal appeals attorney in Aurora, Illinois? Then below are the top reasons why you should hire an appeal lawyer in Aurora.

The Appellate Advocacy is Different from The Trial Advocacy

At the top of our reasons why you should hire an appellate lawyer in Aurora Illinois is the key difference between appellate advocacy and trial advocacy. No matter how talented a trial attorney is, it can be tough for him/her to win an appeal. This is because these are two different things. An appellate judge can easily tell if a lawyer is a trial attorney just from the arguments given.

You should know that swaying an appellate judge requires unique arguments which only appellate lawyers’ possess. They are also familiar with recent changes and trends in the appellate court, thus having in-depth knowledge on how things work in these courts.

If you are appealing a case, you should stick to an Aurora Illinois appeals lawyer. This way, you can be assured of a win.

There are Some Sets of Skills Required for Appeals

As mentioned above, the skills possessed by trial lawyers differ from those possessed by appellate lawyers. And each works best if directed to their courts. Hiring a skilled lawyer to represent you in an Aurora appeal is probably the wrong move. It is only an appellate lawyer who can write a persuasive brief and also incorporate a robust oral argument that can help you win.

Knowledge of the Deadlines’ of Appeals

Both in the state and Aurora federal appeals courts, do have different deadlines. And, if you want to win your appeal, then your lawyer should appellate the judges before these said deadlines. As an ordinary citizen, it can be difficult for you to know and familiarize yourself with these deadlines. However, by hiring a civil or Aurora criminal appeals attorneys, you will be able to meet the appellate deadlines.


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Expertise in the Appellate Procedure

Did you know that every appellate court has its procedure? It is mandatory for these procedures to be followed to the letter. Most of them are quite complicated, and not following them could result in minutiae. For instance, using the wrong font style or size could lead to the dismissal of your appeal. Since this isn’t something to be taken lightly, with the help of an appellate lawyer, you can be assured that all your documents will be in the right format.

Keen Eye to Details

Another important reason why you should hire an appeal attorney is that they have a keen eye to details. Appealing and emerging victorious isn’t a walk in the park. The appeal must be supported by solid arguments regarding the decision made by the lower court. It is, therefore, the duty of an appellate lawyer Aurora to spot legal issues that were not followed in the making of the decision by the lower court. Having a keen eye to details is usually part of the appellate lawyer’s job description. He/she will able to do a full analysis of the lower courts’ decision.

An Aurora Appellate Lawyer Knows which Issues to Present in Appellate Court

Everyone makes mistakes, judges, and prosecutors inclusive. Therefore, in case there was a mistake done by the prosecutor or judge, this can be used in an appellate court. But, not everything should be presented during an appeal. An expert criminal appeal lawyer will identify the issue that is likely to result in higher success when presented in an appeal.

Kick-start Your Appeal

Having a fresh set of eyes review your case could lead to the identification of new insights that can help you win. An appellate advocate can kick start your appeal by bringing out in the open legal arguments that were not considered during your trial. Moreover, hiring an appeal lawyer in Aurora is a direct blow to your opponent since it shows that you have not yet thrown in the towel.

It will Free Up Your Time

There is no doubt that appellate cases are time-consuming. By hiring an appellate lawyer, you can free up some of your precious time and focus things. Having a case in court doesn’t mean that everything should come at a standstill in your life.

Familiar with the Judges Perspective

At the beginning of this article, we discussed the differences between an appellate and a trial case. In an appellate case, the judge doesn’t witness the case as it develops. Rather, he/she familiarizes him/herself with the case by reading briefs written by attorneys or bench memos. Afterward, an attorney is then asked to give an argument. The benefit of hiring an appellate attorney is that they know how to persuade the judge to forward with an appeal and not to deny it.

Performs Important Research

Research is an integral part of an appeal. It is only by familiarizing yourself with past precedents that you can build a strong case. An appellate lawyer can really come in handy in such a situation. Since they have dealt with similar cases before, they can use their research to draft persuasive motions.

With an Aurora Illinois appeal lawyer, you can confidently take your case to the next level. An appellate lawyer is experienced and skilled in handling appeals. They know how to write persuasive legal briefs and present them in court. Instead of relying on a trial attorney who isn’t familiar with how an appeal court works, kindly consider the above ten reasons why you should hire an appellate lawyer in Aurora, Illinois.

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