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The El Paso appeal lawyers of the Law Office of Robert Sirianni are experienced in Texas appellate cases. Our lawyers have significant experience in legal research and writing and can prepare outstanding appellate briefs and oral arguments to be presented in appeals cases. When appealing a court decision, it is important to seek an appellate  lawyer in El Paso Texas who has experience in appeals, since these cases can be significantly more complex than trial court cases.

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If you have recently been convicted of a crime or seen a judgment handed down in civil court that threatens to ruin your financial security, give us a call today! Our team of Texas appeal lawyers are standing by to help you take the first step toward overturning your initial judgment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch right now!

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Criminal Appeals in El Paso Texas

A particularly difficult situation is that of federal habeas corpus proceedings. Typical appeals are direct appeals – they are directed at issues that exist in the court record or regarding errors that take place during the course of a federal criminal trial. Sometimes, however, there are errors that do not appear in the trial records, such as the problem of ineffective counsel. In such cases, a defendant may file a petition for habeas corpus with the federal district court. Such a petition is called a writ of habeas corpus. If such a writ is denied, it may not be directly appealed, rather, the defendant must seek permission to appeal the circuit court and may only proceed if that permission is granted. Contact us right away if you are considering filing a federal writ of habeas corpus under section 2255 and we will do our best to connect you with an experienced lawyer in El Paso appellate courts. Connect with our appeals lawyers in El Paso Texas 888-233-8895.

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Federal Appeals in El Paso

Other times when defendants might seek to file an appeal with the federal courts is when they have exhausted all possibilities within the state courts. This is also a kind of habeas petition, called a 2254 action. The rules surrounding 2254 actions are complex and strict and an appeals lawyer should always oversee such legal proceedings.

Our appeal lawyers are experienced and professional, also focusing in civil proceedings. We have dealt with civil appeals in cases of medical malpractice, foreclosure, labor law, business disputes, environmental law, and more. Our lawyers have argued many cases in both state and federal courts across Texas – and we can help you. We also handle 11.07 motions for habeas corpus.

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El Paso Appeals Lawyers

In Texas, the justice systems allows you to appeal any decision (criminal conviction or civil judgment) in appellate court. At the Law Office of Robert Sirianni, our sole focus is this sacred appellate process.  Our El Paso appeals attorneys practice in all appellate courts in Texas. If you or one of your loved ones has seen a conviction or civil judgment handed down that just does not seem right, contact us today. Our Texas appeal lawyers can handle criminal and civil appeals.

At our El Pase appeals law firm, our sole area of focus is the appeals process. This means that your case will be handled by attorneys who will see it through from start to finish. We also understand the Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure. We are proud to approach each case with dogged determination and a stellar work ethic. Furthermore, all of our appeal lawyers pride themselves on handling each case with the utmost morality.

If you have seen a judgement handed down that has threatened your freedom or financial well-being, call us today! We have a group of our talented attorneys standing by to aiding you in moving toward overturning your initial judgment. Contact our El Paso appeal lawyers to vacate a case, overturn a conviction or reduce a sentence.

When it comes to effective appeal lawyers in El Paso, Texas, Brownstone Law is the name you should put your faith in. We are a leading appellate law firm in El Paso and have been running our operations here for a considerable period of time. We are home to some of the best appeal lawyers that money can buy in El Paso.

Handling appeals require a particular set of skills, which is something our federal appellate lawyers have. Brownstone’s Texas appeals lawyers handle a diverse variety of cases on a day to day basis, which has allowed them to acquire all the knowledge and experience needed to succeed at the appellate level. This is why our appeal lawyers continue to exceed the expectations of clients all throughout El Paso.

Due to their varied expertise, Brownstone’s appeal lawyers have been successful in filing appeals almost all the time. In fact, they have even been able to reverse judgments that have been well favored in the past. Our appeal lawyers have handled cases all across Texas, including the Eighth District Court of Appeals in El Paso, the Thirteenth District Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi and the Texas Supreme court in Austin.

Our appeal attorneys in El Paso Texas handle federal appeals and have filed such appeals in various courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver, CO and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, LA.

We are highly committed to our clients and Brownstone will do its best to make sure that our clients get their due justice.

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