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The Fort Worth appeal attorneys of the Law Office of Robert Sirianni are consummate professionals when it comes to appeals cases. Focusing exclusively in appeals, our lawyers can help you achieve justice in the criminal or civil legal systems. We are passionate about our work and are proud of our accomplishments for our clients. Appellate law in Forth Worth Texas is often more complicated than trial law, and it helps to have a lawyer who specializes in appeals. Our lawyers are experts at writing appellate briefs and preparing oral arguments for the appellate courts. 

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At our appellate law firm for Texas cases, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated appellate attorneys who are members of the order of coif, law clerks or former prosecutors. This means that we have the ability and skills to handle any type of civil or Texas criminal appellate litigation in this country.

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When compared to the trial court proceedings, the Texas appellate procedure is quite difficult and complex as there are strict rules and deadlines that have to be followed. For instance, a motion of habeas corpus has to be filed in under one year and three months from the date of conviction. A federal Notice of Appeal on the other hand has to be filed within ten days. Read more about Fort Worth Court of Appeals Rules of Procedure. If you are keen on winning your appeal, then you have to look for an appeal lawyer who is familiar with the entire process of filing an appeal at the federal, state or Supreme Court. Our lawyers can also handle post-conviction relief motions. Return to our main Texas appeal attorneys page.

Criminal Appeals in Fort Worth Texas

In criminal cases, it is possible to petition for a belated appeal in cases of ineffective counsel. If you believe that your case suffered from ineffective counsel, you have up to two years from the time the appeal should have been entered to appeal that situation. Usually that clock begins running from the moment of sentencing, so it is important to contact us immediately if you believe this is the case. If you win an appeal on the basis of ineffective counsel, then a more general appeal can be entered in regards to the case. Our appellate lawyers in Texas also handle Article 11.07 post conviction motions.

Federal appeals are another special case that our Fort Worth appeal attorneys can assist you with. Particularly in federal cases it is critical that you have an experienced appellate lawyer. If you are convicted in a federal court, you have ten days in which to file an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Please contact us immediately if you wish to appeal a federal ruling.  Our criminal appeals lawyers in Forth Worth are here to appeal your conviction. We can handle all kinds of federal appeals, including those for drug possession or trafficking, those seeking pardon and clemency, commutation of sentence cases, and obstruction of justice violations. If you win a federal appeal, your case will be sent back to its court of origin for a retrial, new sentencing, or release; however, the government may petition the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, so that the Supreme Court might review the case.

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Fort Worth Appeal Attorneys

Our appeals lawyers in Fort Worth Texas can also defend and prosecute in an assortment of civil cases. Our appeals attorneys can help you appeal cases around labor law, business law, healthcare litigation, medical malpractice, foreclosure, and more. We at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni know that we succeed when you succeed, and we give our all for every case.

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Texas Appeals courts are not generous about reversing convictions or reducing sentences ordered by district court judges. Your appeals attorney in Fort Worth TX must put together a strong brief that convinces the courts of the merit of whatever it is you’re seeking, whether it is an appeal against your conviction or sentence. This is no easy feat, as any Fort Worth appeals attorney worth his/her salt will tell you. The likelihood of a favourable outcome depends on the nature of your case. Some Fort Worth appeals are quite simple and involve one or two major issues, while others involving several issues may be complicated.

At Brownstone, our attorneys exhaustively and meticulously research cases to find precedents that can help the Texas appeal. In some cases, very few precedents exist and those that do are unfavourable to our client. Our job is to show that previous rulings support the defendant and where precedents are adverse, argue that they’re either different from the client’s case or improperly decided. As appellate courts only review the trial court records and briefs in a majority of the cases and don’t hear oral arguments, it is critical that appellate briefs present compelling research-backed legal arguments asking the court to arrive at a specific conclusion.

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Our post-conviction relief services are sought-after among individuals and institutions that have lost their trial and appeal, and believe that there exist grounds supporting a reversal of conviction or a reduced sentence. We look at cases with a fresh pair of eyes, seek out information from the appropriate sources which also sometimes involves filing a suit, and lead an intensive investigation of the case to give you the last best chance. Contact our Texas Appeals Lawyers for Forth Worth at 888-233-8895,

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