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An appeals attorney deals with a specific type of cases known as appeals. An appeal can be explained as a legal case where you attempt to ask an appellate court to re-evaluate a decision that had been made by a lower court. This usually stands in stark contrast to your more traditional legal case where the jury or a judge has to determine whether someone was innocent or guilty. Return to our Texas appellate attorneys page.

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The need to look for licensed appeals attorneys in Irving Texas.  The importance of looking for licensed appeal attorney in Irving Texas that they can file an appeal and argue a case for their clients in front of an appellate court. The reason why you should specifically look for appeal attorneys that are licensed is that they have the edge of having a specific set of skills and research which is more than what a standard case requires. These appeal lawyers are able to do thorough research and look for loopholes in the case that was decided.

In a criminal appeal, it is important to know that no witnesses are involved. What they do is tackle legal arguments after pieces of evidence and testimonies have been presented. This is usually the work of criminal appeal lawyers.

Appeal Attorneys in Irving Texas.

If you hire an appeals lawyer to represent you on your case, then they will be able to do the following;

It will be the job of the criminal appeals attorney in Texas to do thorough research on past information and legal cases and be able to determine if there are sufficient grounds to appeal your case. If hey asses and come to an agreement that your case holds sufficient grounds and should be appealed, they will inform you the reasons they have and also advice you accordingly on the best way to proceed with the case.

Criminal Appeals Attorney in Irving Texas

This is one of the reasons why you should hire a criminal appeals attorney in Irving Texas. They are able to pinpoint a legal error that happened during the ruling at the lower court. The error they will identify will have substantial effects on your case. This is why these appeals lawyers Irving Texas normally study and analyze the facts in the case record and have a clear in-depth understanding of the correct standard of review, to assess the points to argue and the method they will do so.

Drafting the Brief.

The Irving Texas appeals lawyers you have hired will spend most of their time writing legal briefs, as many of them will be based on the legal brief alone. This way they will know how to present their argument from their strongest points followed by other issues. They will also be able to give a clear reference to each argument they bring up.

They will Handle the Filing Procedure;

This is another role these appeal attorneys handle. Whichever type of criminal charge you were convicted under the time limit for filing is barely thirty days from the day the judgment was made at the clerk’s office of the lower court which issued the order. They will be able to submit the brief and other documents that will help in the legal battle at that time.

They will also Prepare the Presentation.

They will do this along with a brief opening and closing points. The criminal appeals attorney you’ve hired in Irving Texas will be able to communicate all their points concisely. They will show up in time being well dressed and speaking properly as required of them by law. They will be able to discuss with you the direction they are taking on your case.

Tackling the Arguments in Court.

Tackling oral arguments requires steller and finesse in communication skills. An experienced criminal appeals attorney is aware of this and is usually well prepared. They are experts in fielding questions and handling arguments. They are very alert and know that this is a review and not a trial and hence they stick to the error that forms the grounds of the appeal.

Having a criminal appeal attorney in Irving Texas is one of the best decisions you can ever make if you are on a criminal charge. You will be given a consultation or interview where the case and charges will be reviewed and from that point onwards you lawyer will take care of things for you. It is an obligation to give a fair and genuine representation. Your lawyer can also help you understand the processes that are happening.


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The criminal justice system gives convicts a chance to once again prove their innocence in court despite an original conviction on a crime. Criminal appeals attorneys in Irving Texas will enable you to successfully do this and your case will be heard again. The general concept of an appeal is to prove that a case was not resolved in the right way and ensuring the high court agrees to that.

The starting point of the process is requesting from the defense for an appeal of a conviction. The request is normally submitted to the appellate court in the form of a brief. The original transcript of the court and evidence list is usually also submitted to the appellate court with other valid information such as oral arguments. From here the Federal appellate then examines the details of the first case and then goes further to review the actions to make sure the trial was done in a fair and just manner. If they note an error or some problems with the original case the court may now agree for a second trial.

The major errors the appeals court normally looks at in the presentation and logic of the original case includes the following;

A reversible Error – this is a mistake that the appellate court could reasonably alter to bring out the different ruling or outcome of the case.

Harmful Error – This is when the appellate court opposes the outcome of the entire case.

Harmless Error – This is an error that may bring zero effect on the entire trial.

Fundamental Error – These are vital errors with the very basic argument of the case.

If you are on trial for a criminal offense the best move you can make is hire an appeal lawyer in Irving and criminal appeals lawyers in Irving Texas. They will be of great assistance and will have a massive impact on the outcome of your case.

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