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Lubbock Appeal Lawyers

The Law Office of Robert Sirianni has appeal attorneys that are committed to appeals in Texas. The appeal lawyers at our firm are experienced in federal court and the appeal process. The lawyers in our appellate practice section represent clients in Texas before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States and Supreme Court of the United States.

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When it comes to appellate litigation in Texas, choosing the right attorney for the job is necessary. Our Lubbock appeal attorneys are experienced in appeals, which maximizes your chances of winning your appeal following a conviction or sentence. We provide the most recent case law research to provide the best arguments for winning your appeal.

We can handle cases throughout Texas including criminal appeals, Texas 11.07 post conviction motions, federal business appeals, civil appeals in Texas.

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Texas Federal Appeals Attorneys

Our firm is founded on the belief of providing appellate representation to clients in Texas and across the United States. As one of the leading law firms in the appellate sector, our firm advises clients on federal civil and federal criminal appeals as well as post-conviction relief. Our Lubbock appeal attorneys represent some of the most influential businesses and individuals in Texas and Lubbock.  Return to our main appeals lawyers in Texas page.

Our Lubbock appeal attorneys file cases involving white collar crime, constitutional rights, civil rights, business litigation, insurance disputes, environmental disputes, and much more. Our attorneys are in a position to represent our client’s best interests before every federal court of appeal across the country as well as state courts. Contact us at  1-888-233-8895.

Let our Texas appeal attorneys begin reviewing your case to determine the options that are available to you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our appellate lawyers.

Appeals Attorneys in Arizona

Appellate Law Firm in Lubbock Texas

Our law firm is nationally recognized for our legal services within the federal courts of appeal. The appellate team at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni represents some of the largest businesses in the country before all courts of appeal. The appeal issues we can handle are challenging and complex. The appeal attorneys at our firm are 100% devoted to civil and criminal appeal matters, aiming to increase our clients’ chance of winning by preparing powerful arguments, persuasive briefs and effective oral presentations before the the Appeals Courts.

Our Lubbock Appeal Attorneys have represented clients in appellate litigation in both state and courts. We can appeal lower court proceedings and ensure all issues are preserved for appeal. Appeals in Lubbock proceed to the Seventieth Court of Appeals in Texas. The firm aggressively litigates complex issues on appeal and finds every opportunity to win at the federal appellate court level. Through extensive research and preparing effective briefs and arguments during oral presentations before the courts, we aim to increase our client’s chance of winning. Once we review your case, we can help you determine the best route to take for your Texas Appeal case.

Appeals are at the heart of the legal system. Decisions passed during appeals form the guidelines for future references for judges. This is why an experienced and capable lawyer is required to handle appeals. Appeals lawyers define the law.

Lubbock Texas Appeal Lawyers

Law is a tricky affair even for the ones who are in the industry. This makes things difficult for everyday people who are not very knowledgeable on the subject, but are made to come in close contact with it due to certain circumstances. Professional legal help from lawyers is their only hope of navigating the complex process successfully.

At Brownstone Law, we have represented hundreds of clients in Texas appeals involving civil and criminal cases. Our team of appellate lawyers in Lubbock Texas is highly experienced in writing briefs and oral arguments in front of the Texas Supreme Court. The fact that we are experienced in appeals in Texas and that helps us with a deep understanding of the Texas rules of appellate procedure and the entire federal process. We are not only present in Lubbock  but also in all the other cities in Texas. We also have civil and Texas criminal appellate attorneys to help you.

Are you one such good Samaritan in need of professional legal help? Then there are two things you need to know

1. You need to look for not just the most talented, but also the most experienced lawyers who understand the numerous tricks of the trade, and

2. the Lubbock appeal lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni are exactly who you need to win appeals.

Here’s Why

  1. The Law Office of Robert Sirianni specializes in appeals law. The appeal lawyers at Mr. Sirianni’s office have specialist appellate knowledge, training and experience, as opposed to criminal lawyers who try to take appeal cases without specialist appellate expertise.
  2. It is your one-stop shop for end-to-end law troubles. Quite literally. We have positioned our experts at all key fields of appellate law. This includes appeal lawyers for civil and criminal appeals; specialists for post-conviction relief; dedicated lawyers for constitutional rights, civil rights, intellectual property rights, white-collar crimes, business litigation, environmental disputes, insurance disputes and so on. Our appeal lawyers have experience in both circuit courts and the U.S. Supreme Court, which makes us your A to Z law office.
  3. Complete focus on you. This is one of the distinguishing factors of the Law Office of Robert Sirianni. We assign one or more appeal lawyers to your case, who are dedicated to you and only you till your case has been wrapped. 100 per cent of their time, energy, and focus is reserved for you. This allows them to tailor strong appeals with powerful arguments, effective oral presentations, and persuasive briefs, maximizing your chances of winning the case. Most appeals occur at the Lubbock Appellate Courts.

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