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All You Need To Know About Appellate Lawyers

If you ever had to deal an appeal or came across someone who was an appellate lawyer, you might have wondered, why do we need an appellate lawyer? Why can’t we use the same lawyer for trials and appeals? You are not alone, many people unfamiliar with appellate attorneys in Georgia have the same questions in their minds.

What Makes Appellate Lawyer Different from Other Lawyers?

First of all, people need appellate attorneys to appeal against convictions and judgments successfully. Appellate attorneys specialize in filing and arguing appeals so there are naturally better suited to deal with appeals. According to a top Tennessee appellate law firm, Nashville civil appellate attorneys are most suitable for filing appeals.

But why can’t a normal lawyer do all of this? Normal lawyers or even trial lawyers are not suitable for appeals due to the different nature of both processes. In trials, the lawyers are required to have the skills to find and organize a vast amount of facts and evidence. They are expected to impress a jury, which isn’t particularly well-versed in complex legal concepts, but rather make their decisions on how the facts are presented in front of them.

In contrast, appellate courts do not have any juries. The judges in these courts are only interested in seeing complex yet appropriate legal reasoning in written form. While oration and showmanship is a stronger suit for trial lawyers. Many lawyers are either good at one thing or the other. Therefore, exceptional legal reasoning and writing skills are what make appellate attorneys in Georgia better suited for filing appeals.

Another thing you need to know about appellate lawyers is their ability to work by the book. There are many appellate attorneys in Georgia who please the judges with their attention to detail while filing briefs in appeals. Whereas trial lawyers can go out of line to leave an impression on the jurors’ minds and get a favorable decision for their client. This is why it is imperative that only an experienced appellate attorney handle an appeal.

If you are still confused as to why appellate attorneys are important, here’s an analogy. You won’t go to a dentist or a dermatologist for a brain surgery although technically doctors too. You would go a brain surgeon for a brain surgery as they are specialized in it. Similarly, Nashville civil appellate attorneys are specialized in filing appeals. If you want to file an appeal successfully, find the best Tennessee appellate law firm you can.

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