Florida’s Governor Rick Scott Agrees to Support Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Extract for Medical Use

Florida governor Rick Scott has indicated he will sign a law legalizing a certain form of marijuana for medical use. As an Florida appeals attorney can explain, this represents a victory for proponents of medical marijuana though Governor Scott still opposes full medical marijuana legalization.

The Background Behind Recent Medical Marijuana Legislation
The Republican-controlled Florida House has paved the way for limited legalization of a marijuana extract known as Charlotte’s Web. This extract does not contain THC, the property in marijuana found to have caused the “high” users experience. Charlotte’s Web has been shown to have some medical benefit, specifically for children suffering from epilepsy. The senate recently passed a version of the bill which was then sent to the House. The House made changes to the bill and sent it back to the senate for another vote which is expected to pass. If so, the bill will be sent to Governor Rick Scott for signature or veto.

Governor Scott’s Position
Governor Scott has indicated he will approve the bill when it comes to his desk. The governor has come out against full legalization of medical marijuana but has agreed to approve this limited use of a specific extract. Governor Scott has expressed concerns about wider legalization due to fears of it’s impact on drug and alcohol abusers

The Democratic Opposition
The marijuana legalization issue may have an impact on the November elections. As a federal appeals attorney can explain, Governor Scott’s opponent, Charlie Crist, has indicated he is in favor of wider legalization of the drug. Supporters of Crist expect and hope the legalization issue will compel greater voter turn out come election day.

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