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How Often Are Appeals Successful?

Successful Appeals

When a defendant is found guilty, he or she can sometimes appeal the decision in appellate court. Though an appeal is not the same as another trial, nor does it have to result in another trial, it can be pursued to point out possible errors made during the first trial. An appeal simply asks for […]

Colton Pitonya Appeal Dismissed for Jennifer Cave’s Murder

Colton Pitonya Appeal Dismissed for Jennifer Cave's Murder

In 2007, a Texan man named Colton Pitonyak went to trial for the murder of a young woman named Jennifer Cave. Cave was murdered in 2005 allegedly in the West Campus apartment of Pitonyak. After her murder, Jennifer Caves body was dismembered. Currently, Pitonyak is serving a 55 year sentence for Caves murder. On Wednesday, […]

Han Tak Lee South Korean Appeal Case

Han Tak Lee appeal case

Han Tak Lee: A Winning Appeal If one were to judge the justice system based on cinema or television two conclusions could be drawn rather quickly. First, the mysteries can always be solved through the work of passionate law enforcement agents. Second, the advanced technology available to law enforcement means that definite answers are always […]

Rick Perry – Texas Governor Appeals Case on Free Speech

governor rick perry appeal

Politics and Appeals: The Case of Rick Perry As we near 2016 we near another year overshadowed by the presidential election campaign. Even though 2015 is little more than halfway complete, the intensity of next year’s presidential race can be seen around every corner. Already the airwaves are mulled with smear tactics and the political […]

6 Facts from Appeal Lawyers in Houston

criminal appeal lawyers

Filing an appeal isn’t a simple process and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. One of the most common is that most people don’t know what federal criminal appeals are or how they can affect proceedings. Before deciding to file an appeal, you should use this guide to help clear up any misunderstandings […]

Set the Record Straight with Appeal Lawyers Miami

Miami appeals lawyers

There is an old and arguably misguided belief that if you go to court, and if you are innocent, then you have nothing to worry about. This, however, is further from the truth than most people realize. In both civil and criminal cases, there are those who have found themselves the victims of faulty judgments […]

Appellate Lawyers in Houston

top houston texas criminal appeal lawyers

Appeal your case with us and be guaranteed of our experience in appeals in both state and federal courts. Our goal is to help you win the argument on appeal; we have the most experienced appeal lawyers Houston has to offer. At our firm we take time to understand your case and follow through with […]

Choosing the Right Appeal Lawyers in Jacksonville

top Jacksonville appellate attorneys

The United States Constitution allows every citizen to have access to a fair trial. Part of the fair judicial process includes the right to an appeal. If you feel that the results of your case were unfair, you should consider hiring appeal attorneys in Jacksonville. We understand the importance of having a quality attorney on […]

Hiring Appeals Lawyers in Miami

miami appellate attorneys

When a case does not go your way and you want to file an appeal, having the best Appeal lawyers Miami will help take away stress and give you hope for a better future. We know that both civil and criminal cases do not always work out perfectly. When you feel that a case has […]

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the University of Oklahoma

pensylvania federal appeal lawyers

Fraternities Gone Wild This year has not been a flattering one for the Greek life across the United States. From scorching reviews of sexual assault to journalistic reviews of a culture of racism and sexism, it seems fraternity life is not quite as glamorous as it once was. Just this past month the University of […]