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An Overview of the practicing appellate lawyers in Houston

appellate lawyers in Houston

The judicial system is intended to protect the rights of the citizens and keep society in order. There are a whole bunch of laws that are being enforced in a society to keep it peaceful and provide security to the people. The laws work both ways; if you are accused wrongly and have been framed, […]

How Often Are Appeals Successful?

Successful Appeals

When a defendant is found guilty, he or she can sometimes appeal the decision in appellate court. Though an appeal is not the same as another trial, nor does it have to result in another trial, it can be pursued to point out possible errors made during the first trial. An appeal simply asks for […]

6 Tips for Appellate Advocacy Especially If you’re Appellant’s Counsel

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The appeal is the means by which the modification of a resolution or sentence is requested by the higher judicial organization that issued it. An appeal filed against a sentence of a Criminal Court, for it to be reviewed by the Provincial Court. The appellate attorneys use the term appeal, to refer to those appeals […]

What is an Appellate Lawyer?

What is an Appellate Lawyer

What Does an Appeal Lawyer Do and What is an Appellate Lawyer? Appeal lawyers take cases from lower trial courts, such as criminal courts or civil courts, and appeal or challenge those cases in higher courts such as a Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.   Appeals take place in both state courts and federal courts. […]

Colton Pitonya Appeal Dismissed for Jennifer Cave’s Murder

Colton Pitonya Appeal Dismissed for Jennifer Cave's Murder

In 2007, a Texan man named Colton Pitonyak went to trial for the murder of a young woman named Jennifer Cave. Cave was murdered in 2005 allegedly in the West Campus apartment of Pitonyak. After her murder, Jennifer Caves body was dismembered. Currently, Pitonyak is serving a 55 year sentence for Caves murder. On Wednesday, […]

Social Media Evidence Admitted into Court for Appeal

appellate lawyers

A Social Media Appeal: Admission of Social Media Post As Evidence Since its inception social media has created quite a conundrum in courtrooms across the country. Interactions between people involved in a legal proceeding are governed, as other aspects are, by the rules of evidence. These rules, while often ambiguous and open to interpretation, set […]

Pennsylvania death penalty appeals

best appeal lawyers

Pausing the Penalty in Pennsylvania Appeals The United States of America remains one of the few remaining countries to institute the death penalty as a form of punishment for criminal wrongdoing. There are 19 states within the country that have outlawed the death penalty altogether and 31 that support the death penalty. While some among the […]

Lakisha Ward-Green Case in Pittsburgh: 16 year old Robert Chambers IV

criminal appeals attorneys

Lakisha Ward-Green Case in Pittsburgh Guilty of Manslaughter There is little doubt that technology has heavily influenced our lives. Over the past few decades our day-to-day activities have become so infiltrated by technological advancements that we rarely even notice such influences. The term “key” used to consistently apply to a small metal piece with teeth […]

Texas Court of Appeals Delays Execution of Clifton Lamar Williams

texas appeal lawyers

Texas Court delays Texas execution This undated handout photo provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shows Clifton Lamar Williams. Williams is scheduled to die by lethal injection Thursday, July 16, 2015 for the July 2005 slaying of Cecelia Schneider in Tyler, Texas. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice/Associated Press) By Michael Graczyk AP July 16 at […]

Appeal Lawyers in Austin: What They Do

austin-appeal lawyers

If you are unfamiliar with appeals and what happens in them, don’t worry you are not alone.  Having to go to court for anything can be a daunting experience. Even more so when you do not win your case.  However, there are lawyers who specialize in taking on appeals.  An appeal can be defined as […]