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Construction Appeal Lawyers

A lot can go wrong in the construction world no matter what role you play. Landlord, contractor, builder, buyer, seller, or tenant; anyone can feel the crunch when a construction issue occurs. Luckily, we have a court process that is able to solve most of those issues. Our Construction Appeal Lawyers are capable and ready to fight for the legal rights of any party experiencing construction legal issues. Construction issues can range from breach of contract to zoning/land use issues to building permits and aren’t always easy to navigate. Obtaining the services of a trained professional in the legal construction field of law is imperative to the success of your case. Contact our construction appeal lawyers today at 1-888-233-8895 for a free consultation.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Appeals Lawyer

The biggest mistake you can make at the onset of a construction deal is to go in alone. Every builder, contractor, buyer and seller needs a competent, skilled construction attorney to guide the legal proceedings and paperwork. The significance of a construction attorney is often overlooked until legal trouble arises. Our Construction Appeal Lawyers have experience jumping in and cleaning up any legal messes that have occurred without the services of a construction attorney from the start. The construction business is lucrative but not without its pitfalls. Some of the more common issues our firm encounters are listed below

The world of construction is complex and intricate. Our Construction Appeal Lawyers can help navigate it with the least amount of stress


This often occurs in public construction situations. Townships and cities are experiencing the toughest economy in years and many have implemented budget cuts. Construction companies often get caught up in these financial mishaps and experience a breach of contract.
Having a lien placed on your property can be devastating, as many buyers and sellers can attest. There is no worse time than when you’re approaching the closing table in high spirits. Unfortunately, many lien claims are not discovered until after the deal closes. While heartbreaking, there are legal options.
While designed to be helpful and to clarify, contracts can also make big problems. Construction contracts must be written in very precise legal construction terms to be valid. Only a professional legal construction litigator can correctly decipher construction contracts.
Our firm works on both sides of the collections fence. Landlords are often bilked out of rent by un-paying, destructive tenants. On the other hand, there are also tenant who are taken advantage of by devious landlords. We are capable of representing both types of clients.
The paperwork involved in the building process is unbelievable. It is also a huge hassle for anyone in a hurry to begin construction. Cut through the legal red tape of zoning and permits by using our highly skilled construction litigators.

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are commonplace. Shifting real estate prices and a volatile economy make for a rough environment in the commercial real estate world.

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