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Intellectual Property Appeal Lawyer

Intellectual Property Appeals

When it comes to intellectual property appeals, you can never be too cautious or too aggressive. The truth is, intellectual property is a vicious and cutthroat field where ideas are stolen, re-purposed and then profited on, whether you created them or not! The Law Office of Robert Sirianni focuses on a variety of intellectual property appeals. Here are a few of the most common intellectual property appeals cases we litigate.

Patent & Copyright Appeal

Patent and copyright issues are a lot more common than you might expect. If you’ve been unfairly ruled against in a patent or copyright issue, then you might wish to file an appeal. Filing a patent appeal or a copyright appeal isn’t terribly difficult to do. However, winning a patent appeal / copyright appeal is another story.

Copyright Termination Appeal

Has your copyright expired? If so, you might be out of luck. But, if your copyright was terminated, then you might be able to file a copyright termination appeal. Our intellectual property appeals lawyers have helped a number of clients with copyright termination appeals. Why not you?

Trademark Appeals & Trade Secret Appeal

The profitability of a business is anchored on its ability to develop in its own way without the interference of others. Thus, one of the rights in intellectual property is the right to trade secret. Trade secret is any information from which the business derives economic value, whether actual or potential and which is subject to efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy. Trade secret is a highly technical issue and may require the employment of the Law Office of Robert Sirianni lawyers in order to be able to successfully claim rights under the Trade Secrets Act.

Under law, trade secret is an information that: intended for trade; included in a formula; not publicly known; cannot be readily ascertained from a public information; reasonable economic value; and, subject of reasonable efforts to keep it a secret. Improper use of a trade secret without the permission or authority of the trade secret owner can be prosecuted for criminal violations. Aside from criminal sanctions, civil liability including damages can also be resorted to. Under the law, the improper use may either be theft, bribery, misrepresentation, breach of confidence, trespass and other deliberate acts.

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