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Our pardon law firm takes pride in filing applications for pardon and clemency for our clients. The pardon process takes a long time and clemency applications are very difficult to complete. We work to restore your rights, remove a conviction, obtain a pardon or clemency, restore civil rights, obtain voting rights, and expunge records.

Pardon Applications

The attorneys at our Pardon Appeals Law Firm are versed in clemency work. We also handle federal clemency and pardon applications, often representing individuals at hearings to remove the stigma of a criminal conviction. A clemency or pardon does not automatically remove a criminal conviction from a record. It is important to consult with an attorney about sealing and expunging a record. Connect with our criminal lawyers to review your record.

Pardons at the Supreme Court Level

The United States statutes stipulate that defendants have ten days to file for a Notice of Appeal at the federal courts. A petition at the Supreme Court on the other hand has to be filed within ninety days of the final ruling. Defendants must therefore search for an appellate attorney or else risk losing their pardon cases. At Brownstone, we have been in the appellate law field for several years and we are therefore acquainted with the federal and state rules of civil or criminal procedure.

Years of experience, hard work and dedication have made our appeals lawyers endowed in the rules and procedure of filing petitions and motions at the Supreme Court. Petitions and motions that we handle besides clemency and pardons proceedings include motions to vacate conviction, motions to withdraw plea, motion of habeas corpus, motion for post-conviction relief and petition for writ of certiorari.

Pardon Appelas Law Firm

Our appellate law firm knows that the appeals process is quite challenging and complex when compared to the trial court proceedings. This is why we dedicate all of our time, energy and resources in research so as to come up with new ideas and a fresh perspective to our clients appeal cases. The best thing about our appeals law firm is that we do not discriminate anybody based on their wealth, race, profession or gender.