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Federal Appeals Lawyers In Alabama

Clients in Alabama federal courts look to our skilled Alabama federal appeal lawyers to address matters in federal court. Recognized across the country for our appellate work, we look to deliver results and strategic solutions for our clients at the federal court appeal level. Contact our federal appeals attorneys today 1-205-719-6282.  Return to our federal appeals page.

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Our Alabama federal lawyers have experience in handling drug offense appeals, particularly in cases involving marijuana and cocaine. We find grounds for appeals, such as the legality of the seizure and search carried out. We also handle issues related to sentencing and ensure that our clients receive experienced appellate representation possible. Our federal appeal attorneys brief cases in every appellate court across Alabama. We handle hundreds of civil and criminal appeals in Alabama, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Mobile and Montgomery. We represent clients from differing substantive areas in Alabama federal appeal cases. Our firm handles Alabama federal criminal appeals, civil appeals, constitutional litigation, bank fraud appeals, business appeals and administrative appeals.

Brownstone files appeals for white collar criminal cases. Clients retain our services in prestigious cases to file an appeal on their behalf. Our firm has handled major cases with millions of dollars at stake in the federal appeal courts. Contact our Alabama lawyers to review your case. We will begin with a free consultation to see how we can assist you.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Alabama

The federal crime appeal attorneys at the Alabama branch of Brownstone firm are experienced in representing clients involved in federal court appeal issues. The appeals, however, are not just restricted to Montgomery but spread over Alabama and range from traditional contract disputes to problematical tort lawsuits and cases regarding securities claims and regulatory appeals.

Our experience is an endorsement of the excellent knowledge and skills our federal appellate lawyers have, as they look after clients while filing federal appeals.

The federal appellate lawyers have managed to successfully represent hundreds of clients in the administrative appeals courts, the lower federal courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court. As a part of being the legal representatives, Brownstone Law is also involved with making briefs for cases pending in the US Supreme Court. Moreover, we keep a look out for industry groups who may have an interest in (but are not directly related to) the main process.

Criminal appeals at federal level can be tricky and an experienced approach to begin with is to hire an experienced and skilled attorney who creates the possibility of a court actually considering that case. This is what we specialize in: our lawyers help clients understand federal appeal law, their sentences and, the procedure of appeals with respect to their charges.The most common financial crimes prosecuted in the federal courts include:


Brownstone attorneys devote all their attention and efforts to appeals. The strategy is to deliver satisfactory results to our clients as well as to the individual progress of the lawyers. This is made possible by producing briefs and arguments persuasive enough for the Federal Appeals Courts to rule in favor of our clients.

Federal Appeals in Mobile Alabama

When you hire our appeal attorneys, we will fight every aspect of your case to develop a winning strategy on appeal. Our federal attorneys have distinguished themselves as some of the most successful appellate litigators in the nation. Let Brownstone Law fight for your rights. Unlike trial courts, appeals are normally complex, difficult and involve strict deadlines. This means that not every attorney is able to handle complex appeal cases at the Supreme Court. This means that our lawyers dedicate all of their time in researching and reviewing our clients’ cases so as to ensure that we win your civil or criminal case. Most appeals start at the US District Court For Mobile Alabama, and you can read more about the PACER federal docket by reaching the Clerk of Court.

Contact our federal appeals lawyers in Alabama at 205-719-6282.

In the past few years we have been directly involved in hundreds of appeal cases revolving around civil and criminal law. We are nationally recognized by our experienced and skilled appellate attorneys who will fight diligently to set the record straight. We help present the best possible case before the appellate courts so you can get your life back on track. By preparing effective briefs and arguments through diligently obtaining the necessary facts and documents, we help increase your chance of winning your case on appeal.

Federal Appeals Lawyers In Alabama

Contact our Mobile Federal Appeals Lawyers at 205-719-6282. We also serve the cities of Birmingham and Montgomery.

Our passionate commitment to the federal appeal cases and our successes together has brought us clients from all over the country. The Montgomery firm includes lawyers who were former law clerks, prosecutors, and members of the Order of Coif and are now placed among the most elite and notable litigators in the nation who have dealt with hundreds of criminals and civil appeals. Learn more about our Alabama Federal Appeals Lawyers or how to file a section 2255 petition for habeas corpus in Alabama.

Birmingham Federal Appeals Attorneys in Alabama

With the level of experience that our criminal appellate lawyers have, our clients are certain of having a reduced sentence or being granted a new trial. It is not unusual to see our clients being acquitted as a result of newly discovered evidence that is presented in the court of appeal. Some of our clients have also had increased compensation after a successful appeal. From felonies to misdemeanor cases and even the most severe criminal convictions, our federal criminal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are experienced in pursuing civil and criminal appeals. Our Birmingham Alabama appeal lawyers work with you to truly understand your case so that we can best represent your interest.

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Our Birmingham federal appellate law firm will help you challenge the legality of your imprisonment or any other sentence by helping you file a writ of habeas corpus in Alabama. Connect with our Alabama federal appeals attorneys today.

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Birmingham covers the Northern District of Alabama and appeals proceed from Alabama federal district courts to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Connect with our Alabama federal appellate attorneys today to review your case.

Recent Federal Appeals Alabama 


Case No. 17-12091

This Circuit assesses speedy trial claims under the four-factor test derived from Barker v. Wingo, weighing (1) the length of the delay, (2) the reason for the delay, (3) the defendant’s assertion of his speedy trial right, and (4) actual faith and that the delay “probably was an honest mistake.”  If, however, Thompson told Donnelly in February or March 2014 that the FBI was responsible for making the arrests (which is essentially what the Appellants are arguing when they suggest that Donnelly and Thompson did not testify truthfully at the evidentiary hearing), then that would indicate there was bad faith and that the subsequent delay was not the result of an honest mistake.  After reviewing the record, we agree with the position that defense counsel took at oral argument and not the one that the Appellants argued in their briefs: there is no evidence of bad faith or anything other than an honest mistake here.   When Uranga was first arrested after the Max Group burglary, the arresting officers took Uranga’s wallet, which contained a driver’s license listing the address where he resided throughout this case.  It was at this address that he was arrested by the FBI prejudice to the defendant.  407 U.S. 514, 530, 92 S. Ct. 2182, 2192 (1972); see also Villarreal, 613 F.3d at 1350.  The first factor, length of the delay, serves a triggering function:  it must first be satisfied for the court to analyze the other factors.  Villarreal, 613 F.3d at 1350; see also United States v. Dunn, 345 F.3d 1285, 1296 (11th Cir. 2003). Read more about this federal appeals for the Eleventh Circuit:  Federal Appeals Alabama

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