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Little Rock Arkansas Appeal Lawyer

Little Rock Arkansas Appeal Lawyer

Federal Appellate Attorneys in Little Rock

Brownstone’s Little Rock federal appeals lawyer have successfully filed hundreds of civil and criminal appeals cases at the Arkansas state and federal courts. Due to the complicated nature and process of filing for appeals cases, our law firm decided to specialize in appeal cases. We also offer consultancy services to other law firms on appellate matters. Our clients range from high profile individuals to regular citizens and even large multinational companies. For effective representation of our clients, we must get all the facts regarding a given case by consulting the trial counsel

Contact our Little Rock appeals lawyer today for a free consultation at (888) 233-8895.

Federal Criminal Appeals in Little Rock

We are familiar with the medical marijuana program act and also the controlled substances act. Our Little Rock appeals lawyer also comprehends different marijuana laws enacted in different jurisdictions. This means that our clients have a very high probability of wining appeal cases involving habeas corpus federal writs, patient medical marijuana, caregiver appeals and internet pharmacy violations. We have also represented corporate appeal cases in the field of Medicare such as healthcare fraud, false medical claims, tax fraud violations, improper solicitation of patients and criminal negligence in the practice of medicine. Return to our main Arkansas federal appellate law firm page.

Arkansas Federal Civil Appellate Law Firm

Legal practitioners can attest to the fact that preparing briefs and writs is not a walk in the park. However, our federal appellate attorney is very passionate about their job and consequently spends most of their free time in research so as to ensure that they prepare detailed briefs in the shortest time possible. They also present convincing oral arguments in the appellate courts. Some of the civil and criminal appeal cases that we handle include business litigation, intellectual property appeals,  land appeals, immigration, Supreme Court of the United States, environmental law and other forms of white collar crimes. Our Little Rock appeals lawyer is standing by waiting for your call. They will cover all aspects of your appeal to determine the best options for you.

We are also experts in filing for motions to vacate conviction, motion for post-conviction relief, motion to withdraw plea and motion to reduce sentence. Over the past one year we have filed several petitions for writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court. Our Little Rock federal appeals lawyer has also successfully represented our clients in front of the pardons and clemency board.

At our Little Rock, Arkansas Federal Appeals office, we know that facing unfavorable legal decisions can make you feel as though your whole life is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. The United States justice system has controls in place to make sure that you get the justice that you need: the appeals process.

Little Rock Arkansas Appeal Lawyer

Little Rock Arkansas Federal Appellate Litigation

We know that the backbone of your appeal lies within the meticulous research, review, and presentation of your case. The Brownstone national appeals law firm maintains a reputation of utmost ingenuity on behalf of our clients when it comes to devising discerning written briefs and compelling oral arguments. Whenever and wherever an appeals case is won, laws change. Our federal lawyers and law clerks remain at the forefront of continually changing and complex laws and defending the constitutional rights of individuals and businesses throughout the country.

Whether you are currently a defendant in a criminal case, or incarcerated in a state or federal correctional institution, we can help. Call us at (888) 233-8895.

US Federal District Court Arkansas. See more about the criminal appeals clerk for the US District Court.

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